Hi everyone,sorry I've not been around for a while. I mistakenly thought if i dont read about RA or think or speak about it might just go away. WRONG! Anyway not been feeling too brilliant for a while now so will just have a mini moan. RA not too bad low level aches and pains, I've been fighting off an infection for the last 2 months and now my doc wants to check for Diabetes.oh the joys! I dont think i'm diabetic but then again i never dreamt i would have RA. On top of that i have terrible hot sweats (menopausal kind) which is keeping me boiled alive everyday and feeling like a sweaty betty! So now in the space of 18months i've gone from normal healthy and active to having 2 auto immune conditions, medically induced high cholesterol, menopause and now possibly diabetes! Moan over, have a great day everyone xxxxx

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  • Its no fun being a woman is it. I am sweating a lot at the moment hence my daughter cut my hair short for me. I am having a rough year this year,but i have a sense of humour and it is this that has kept me going. We are here for you when you want to have a goold old moan. sylvi.xx

  • Thanks Sylvi you are an inspiration! Hope your knee is better xx your photo looks good xxxx

  • Poor you. It is dreadful suffering all these conditions together.

    The hot sweats are the bane of my life at the moment too.

    But like Sylvia I keep my sense of humor otherwise I would go crazy.

    You could try (red clover tincture) Holland and Barrett sell it. The dosage is on the bottle, but check with your RA nurse you are OK to use it. Great for menopausal flushes.

    Good luck


  • Thanks carole i will have to give that red clover tincture a go. When i started mtx my rheumy said not use Black cosh? or something that sounds like that. I am not able to have HRT because of family history of coronary thrombosis. I need something though just so i can at least sleep at night. Thanks again xx

  • I hope you feel better for getting that off your chest. At least you can have a good moan on here as we've all been there and got the T shirt. Take care

    Paula x

  • Thanks Paula, yes i do feel better just putting it down in words. I hate to moan as i know there are others out there worse off than me. Thanks for listening xx

  • What a shame that you can't try HRT, I found it really helpful for the sweating and hot flushes as they were really getting me down. So quite understand the need to have a moan as it's horrid. And I think we probably all have moments where we hope that the RA was just a mistake and if we close our eyes it'll go away - but hasn't worked so me yet either.... Pollyx

  • Thanks Polly, yes it is a shame i cant have HRT, although i did try once about 2 and a bit years ago and ended up with breast abcesses and had to have 4 surgeries.Anyway thats sorted now. Thanks for listening xxx

  • hi

    Yep got that, got the diabetes, got the RA, sweats, now looking at the spine.....ah its great to mini moan together isnt it, sending hugs!!A((( ))) xxxx And keep blogging as i missed your blogs!!

  • Hi Allanah i wonder if Diabetes is part and parcel of RA? I believe its an auto immune condition. What came first for you the RA or Diabetes? I was thinking if i am diabetic (not had results yet) would it be because of MTX? Having said that i have been having night sweats for about 10 or more years but only daytime sweats for the last 3yrs.thanks for the hugsxx same to you xxxx ((( )))

  • It's good that you're being looked after though. I also thought that was the limit when I was diagnosed with diabetes 2. But the new medication has helped me to lose weight and I feel a lot better. I was really down when I was told, but I'm glad I've had to get a grip on my weight. I also had horrible sweats at night and they've pretty much stopped.

    Cathie xx

  • Hi cathie thanks for replying. Yes it is good that gp is looking after me. I find it difficult to believe i am diabetic because i dont feel it. I do have terrible sweats and i am always running to the loo but that could just be menopause symptoms i suppose. The recurrent infection though i suppose could be a symptom but i'm keeping my fingers crossed. On the other hand wouldnt it be wonderful to control my hot sweats. I'm glad your's in under control that's given me some hope. Take care xxxxx

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