RA and tiredness

Last night, I fell face first into my apple strudel. The last time I did this I was 18 months old and in a highchair. Both times, I was not alone.

The upshot of this is that I have discovered custard to be wonderfully moisturising and a balm for the spots I have erupted in due to steroids.

The downside is, I will never live down the embarrassment.

Samcat :0

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  • What happened to make you fall into your apple strudel?

  • Fell asleep whilst eating it! XX

  • Oh you poor love ,i feel for you babe. I'm sorry but i can't help but laugh, i hope you have a good sense of humour,i believe you do from your other blogs.

    You not sleeping very well at the moment, what are you doing to counteract it?

    Have you seen someone about it,if not you should.

    Love sylvi.xxx

  • Bless you Sylvi. Yes it's all part and parcel of RA and taking MTX or so my RA nurse tells me. I have to put the alarm on hours before getting up AM as I seem to be addicted to the snooze button at the moment! Then at night I'm totally knackered physically but my brain is always whizzing round on total overload with one thing or another! I end up writing loads of future blogs in my notebook I keep at the side of the bed!

    Samcat XX

  • Don't worry Samcat. I have done the same thing and at a dinner party for 8 people. Was happily snoozing away when someone woke me up. Apparently, I had fallen forward into my dinner and a kind person lifted me back up so I rested against the back of the chair. Fortunately, they were all friends so understood. But it is so embarrassing and you feel such an idiot. One friend commented that I looked so peaceful they didn't want to wake me. Thank God I didn't snore! LavendarLady x

  • Hi Samcat

    You should patent custard as a face cream - you could make your fortune !

    Julie x

  • ahh bless xx

  • Oh good to the notebook at the side of the bed Samcat - keep it up if you can stay awake long enough. TTx

  • Well I hope your strudel companion didn't take it personally....

  • Here comes the joke..... does that make you a cowardy custard!!!(I know i'm sounding like the kids now)

    If there was sharks in it would it be shark infested custard?

    Hee hee Axx

  • I went to the ladies whilst out for a meal with friends. Was feeling particularly tired so just rested my cheek against the nice cool tiles on the cubicle wall for a moment. Twenty minutes later a search party was sent out - reassured by my gentle snoring my friend abandoned trying to climb over the loo door and resorted to knocking loudly!

    It still gets mentioned if we're out:-}

    Cece x

  • OMG, Cece, that really scares me, all of you!

    Last evening, I went with my son and daughter-in-law to watch my grandson wrestle in the last tournament to be held in that school building, as the school district is building 2 new schools and this the middle school, will be torn down this summer.

    Anyway, grandson wins all his matches, very quickly, but we had to stay till the end of the whole meet, and I know I had my eyes shut and would have dozed, but a buzzer rang, I opened my eyes to realize my son was looking my way, he didn't say anything and I have no idea how long I had my eyes shut, but I really fought to stay awake the rest of the event! I knew I was going out at 4:30 pm, but I didn't have time to take a nap!

    Came home and made a half pot of coffee to have a cup with late supper, then stayed up till almost 2 am. Then Bridget woke me up at 7:10, thinking I should be up by now, so she nagged at me till I got up.

    Definetly will have a nap this afternoon! Cheers Loret

  • Oh I'm so thankful guys that I'm not alone in this! Luckily my strudel companion wasn't my lovely pharmacist...that would have been dire!!

    Samcat XX

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