Another hospital visit over.

Another hospital visit over.

I was at the rheumy clinic today. The good news is i'm not in a flare up. The better news is that i can reduce the steroids by one for a month,then until i go again i'm to take every other and two every other day. They are pleased that there is progress on my knee at last. I told her about the fatigue due to the infection i had over xmas,one word she said was m.e. chronic fatigue. Anyway they are waiting to see how i go with the knee,before they do anything else with me.

Got back to the village and as i hadn't been out we went up the village for a cuppa and a batch,just so could see people.

When we got back i had a rest. Then hubby got the compost out in the middle room and got me some pots in so i could start potting all my seeds that i have got to go into my garden. I've set sunflower,sweet peas,lobilia,geranium,coleous. So if all germinate i should have a good start. Hubby made me stop and bless him he is clearing up after me to make sure i don't do anything else.

My arms look dreadful i've got marks down both arms and they are blood coloured like old ladies get. Thats the steroids for you.

Take care friends. xxx

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  • Wow sylvi, the pic is gorgeous! It's lovely to grow things isn't it? Makes you forget about the world for a while and very easy to get carried away!

    Hope you manage to get lots of rest now.

    Samcat XX

  • I didn't do them they were at the lost gardens at heligan in cornwall. I could never be their class, i try, hubby says i very trying!!!!

  • What a gorgeous photo. Quite springlike and very cheerful.

    You have been busy with your seeds this afternoon - but at least you are resting even if you are potting up. Hope you get a really good show in the summer.

    You could try rubbing bio oil into your arms as it is very good for skin marks etc. and being non greasy gets absorbed quickly and doesn't mark clothes.

    So, knowing you, don't overdo it! Love LavendarLady x

  • I'll see how i am tomorrow i will try to do a bit more. I put e45 cream on my arms everyday. I will try bio oil as i have some in the house from when i had my knee done. If all goes well with the seeds i'll be able to show you all the pics.

    Love sylvi.xx

  • Lovely pic Sylvie, glad you got good news.

    I got on great with the GP and all the form filling, she was very supportive and gave me lots of good advise. thanks for your help :)


  • your welcome gina. XXXXX

  • Hi

    Glad it all went well today - you do sound a lot more positive

    Julie xxx

  • You are sounding a lot better bit more rest regularly should keep you going. when I was at my most fatigued.. I would work only til one then come home and fall asleep on the settee!!

  • Great that you've had some good news - but remember not to overdo it tomorrow. And I don't want to sound like the dreadful princess person, but if you're getting really tired do also make sure you eat well and healthily.

  • lol, wonder if that "princess" has been reading our comments today! Sad life she has, really, to have to spend all that time, cleaning and processing all those veg's and fruits while still running 5 miles a day, along with doing housework, etc.

    I'd far rather walk through a storm on a beach and then go home, have a hot coffee or tea and snuggle. Preferably with another warm body!

  • That is good news sylive, you sound very calm and relaxed it must be all the therapeutic horticulutural work this afternoon. You have a good husband who keeps you right. Your picture is great, take care.

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