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Gail's blog

Gail's blog

Hello there,

Apparently it’s my turn to write a blog this week so here goes.

I have been working at NRAS since 2005. I started off by sharing my time between helpline and membership but these days I work only in the membership department with my lovely supervisor Emma.

NRAS has grown amazingly since I started. The staff has doubled (in numbers, not our sizes. Although the amount of cake we get through – I’m not so sure).

Talking of cake, I am thinking of going on a diet because my Son Robert is getting married to his lovely fiancée Emma in August. The wedding is to be held in a lovely hotel on Poole harbour. If the weather is nice the ceremony will be held on the lawn so fingers crossed. We should get a few days of sun in August shouldn’t we?

I haven’t chosen my outfit yet because I will be a size smaller by August ;) I have been saying this since Christmas but it’s OK; I still have 13 weeks to go (eeeek). I have got off to a good start though. I hauled my dusty exercise bike out of the garage and planned to ride it every day. I haven’t actually ridden it yet but it’s ready and waiting for when the time comes! Exercise bikes make very good handbag hangers you know.

When I started at NRAS my three children were all at university. How times have changed, they all have jobs now and I have become a grandmother twice.

NRAS has also changed a great deal. We have many visitors to our website. We now have over 4,000 Members’ and our Members’ forum continues to be very popular. The Members’ magazine which we produce 3 times a year is always well received. If you would like a back copy of our magazine, please call Gail or Emma on 0845 458 3969 or email us at to request a copy (subject to availability).

If you are interested in joining us by becoming a member, you can join online or telephone Emma or Gail on 0845 458 3969. A year’s subscription is £25 by Cheque or credit card or £20 by direct debit.

You are also able to follow us on Twitter and Facebook so please take a look.

Best wishes

Gail Slobodzian

Membership Administrator

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Good luck with the weight loss, pre RA I lost a couple off stone by starting off with my exercise bike, I love watching the soaps so I started saying I would ride my bike during watching emerdale and to start with after about ten miles on it I was really knackered, however I stuck to this and did it five nights a week , I had it in my head I couldn't watch the soaps unless I was peddling at the end I could do over hundred miles without totally killing myself.

I then had the confidence to go to the gym etc and swimming every morning before work and I totally loved it, especially because I exercised so well I could eat more treats and not pile the pounds on.


What a great idea RA-Fibro! Might have to consider this myself!


(NRAS Helpline)


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