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update on yesterdays meeting with specalist

well i whent to see the knee specalist yesterday and took pictures of my feet with me he was realy supprised at what happened .

the knee was grade 3 on the inside grade 1 on pattela and acl streatched

it looks like you are going to have to live with this its not that bad

so from that i gathered cos i can bend the bugger to way past 90 deg full bend now thats with all the effort going in he is not even going to do a half knee replacement

he told me it didnt warrant a new knee yet. (wso im at a loss with this )

i also showed him my hands and told him about the second oppinion i got appertaining to the problems i was having and the diagnosis of a sponduropathy enthesis

which he said what has your doctor doner about this

i informed him they didnt want me running about all over the place and he was not impressed he said i will be wrtighting to your doctor .

meanwhile the other day i whent seeing them of a nother letter sent from wrightington and the doctors said they could not garantee that i would be able to see that rumotologist so its a wait and see in that respect.

also he said he would get another mri doner of my back which will take max 6 weeks to do .

i hope i get to see the private rumi i saw privatley

but he was not impressed with my doctor given the pictures of my feet and the problems i had.

but i do feel that that this thing riddled through me in the early stages last year

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John you are having just as hard a time of it as i am. You are getting nowhere fast aren't you. I would go and see your dr again and see if he can get things sorted out once and for


They seem to have you 'running' all over the place,not really getting an answer. Very frustrating for you. Take care x


I think this us can they do this? can't you just shout at them? At least that way you can vent some if your frustration


You do have a right to information about you!


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