call regarding esa

dwp phonedto say ihave been placed in support group and do not have to sendinany more dr certificates this will run till oct 2014 this is good nes and i wasnt expecting it .

medical retirement going through work.i know it awhile off yet and i am not goin to worry about it doneienough fighting and worrying for three months but i wondered what happens in october do they re asses.

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  • hi

    so pleased for you thats a huge worry lifted off your shoulders..

    i was put in the support group last december n ive had a home visit today if thats any help also was told that i will prob be assessed in 6mths , hope this helps

    Ali xx

  • hiali areyou on income based or conribution based esa xxxx

  • congratutations -it's a huge relief not worrying about chasing sicknotes and all the running (or limping) around after them.

    i din't know what'll happen in october for you though - if you've been told you're ok until 2014 the dwp should leave you alone until then - fingers crossed that they do

  • thank you rattus xx

  • I am in the support group as well and i don't have to send in any more sicknotes too. I can't remember when i have to be re-assessed. I am pleased for you. Its hard work with this disease without having to worry about assessments. xxx

  • it is sylvi had just about had a belly full ty xxxxx

  • I had the phone call yesterday too - told I won't be called in for assessment and will go straight on to ESA and everything will stay the same. What a relief! Phew!

  • well done it is a releif x

  • I got my letter yesterday - and I couldn't believe it, I get an extra £34.80 per Week!!! Amazing! Good luck to everyone still waiting.

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