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has anyone resigned from work thru ill .... my occ nurse at work has sort of suggested it to me as im on long term sick

ihad surgery on the 14 th feb this year on left shoulder .. and having ankle fusion on the 6 th of the june .. i had my right shoulder done in 07 open suregery roater cuff etc .. and in 2011 had left foot arthroplasty .. its same foot been done .... ive been told off my union not to write letter let them finish me ,,, thru ill health ... any help plz x

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Don't resign.!!! Try to get your union to build a case for early retirement. So that the hospital makes up the lost years of your pension.

I am in a similar position to yourself and hoping to leave with my pension at the end of July.

I have nursed for 36years in the NHS.

not fit to work the long hours now.

Diagnosed March 2012.


Oops......thought you were a nurse. Still same advice..


i have been off work since august last, my company tried to tell me to take early retirement pension itold em to stuff it as you arethen putting yourself out of work and get any help,i stuckto my guns and nowmedical retirement is going through where i get lump pension that ihave paid in a little bit each month .do speak to union rep though DO NOT RESIGHN XXXXX

hope this helps


I took redundancy as hadn't the energy to hang on until I got medical retirement, but looking back I think it would have been better if I had hung on. It's a hard call, as probably pushing to get medical retirement is the last thing you need to spend energy on. But do ask Union to help, as you'll be better off and that will make a huge difference long term. Polly


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