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Hi to all fellow suffers out there,has anyone experienced dramatic weight loss?.Iam on tox,have been for 2years now,it doesn't seem to be working very well, lots of pain in shoulders and hands.I seem to have lost my appetite,this has been going on for several months now,and I am down to 49kilos,getting worried,as have no energy,but just don't feel hungry.Had tests for the obvious,not that,wonder if anyone has the same problem.hope everyone having a reasonable day.x

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  • The heaviest I've ever been, other than pregnant is 9 stone, but I do find it difficult to keep weight on these days. As long as I stay over 8 stone I feel OK, but dropping below just makes me feel horrible and I do find I need to make an effort to eat more.

    I suppose that maintaining an inflammatory response over time is bound to use up extra energy and then there are the days when I chose between showering & eating a meal because I don't have the energy after work to do both - and showering always wins that fight.

    What meds are you on? Leflunomide seems to be notorious for causing weight loss.

  • When I was on methotrexate I lost 9lbs in 3 months. As soon as the methotrexate was stopped the weight went back on.

  • Dramatic weight loss is always something to be taken seriously and get checked out by a doctor.

  • Definitely point this out to your medical team. You might need a change in medication, or some investigations why you're losing so much weight.

  • Hi. Yes. I have lost about 15-20kg from the start of symptoms. I now struggle to keep the weight on at around 52kg. If I go below that I look ill. I have little or no appetite. Even when on steroids I might only put on 1-2kg. The nurse tells me to gain weight all the time but eating too much makes me nauseous. I got scared when I went below 50kg and so did the Dr and changed treatment so now I am stableish around 50-55 range. Doctors just said part of disease.

  • Hi Stynk,glad to know I'm not the only one with this problem,looking in the mirror scares me, I look anorexic, am trying to make myself eat, but my stomach just can't manage great piles of food,I am going to try some protein shakes,as I can't afford to lose any more weight.at rheumatoid unit on Thursday,see what they think,maybe they will try me on steroids, will let you know.x

  • Hi. I was told for a while choose calories so if I was out eat the most calories as t was craving veg and soups. Still hard have dark chocolate around the house to help. Let me know what they say. Good luck!!

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