Do any of us fellow sufferers have trouble with finger stiffness?

I get this daily, only on my right hand, its like I cannot straighten my fingers, they seize up I have to un straighten them on a surface or slowly ease them when my fingers respond.

Really embarrasing when I cannot get my change out my purse, or grasp things, anyone would think I was an old dear in a young(er) body.:-(

Have I to deal with this for the rest of my days?- I wonder?

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I'm always bad in the mornings. Takes a while in hot shower to uncurl me, and can't hold a cup of tea until I do. But usually wears off unless I'm flaring & then fingers can stay stiff all day.


Hand stiffness is a normal part of ra. I have this every morning,and despite the house being warm my hands are cold.I always have trouble getting coins out of my purse so don't worry about that too much. I have to say i feel i've aged so much in the last few years,i'm only 56yrs old but i feel a lot older. My fingers always feel thick and like tree trunks,thats the only way i can describe my hands.

Take care. sylvi. xx


Hi, I suffer with my hands too, in fact that ws the reason I first went to GP.

They are really stiff in mornings and if I have been resting a while. Like helixhelix, I feel better after a shower and even enjoy the washing up!!.

Sylvi's description is spot on. My hands feel like I have tight gloves on most of the time, that's how I describe them :)

Take care

Suzanne xx


Yes me too Reikmaster - thats the nature of my RA completely as well - it's mostly in the hands and my fingers take an age to warm up although I seem to start in my sleep these days and constantly move them around all through the night as otherwise they lock. Always swollen in the mornings too but think the stiffness and swelling go together. Right forefinger and left pinky are the worst culprits but I also find that they are worst the day before and day of taking my MTX as if it has worn off over the week - roll on tonight's 6 tablets so tomorrow I can type with all my fingers again. Feet are quite similar too but I don't use them quite as much! TTx


Me too! My right hand is particularly bad, like great big pork sausages with the skin stretched! My right ring finger keeps triggering as well and I sometimes have to wear a splint at night to keep it straight (I think that's due to tendon involvement, as my palm is always quite sore)

Can never wear rings anymore (even my wedding ring) as the swelling happens very quickly, and I'm worried this might happen during the night when I'm not aware. Always thought this would go though if medication was working but seems not according to other posts. :-(


yep reikmaster,

My left hand will straighten but my right hand is always tight and a bit bend and the small finger has a hard band at the knuckle is its constantly bent. I was told by the Rheumies to try to stretch my fingers in warm water a few times a day, it does help with the pain for me.And ye the girls in the bread shop now just help themselves to my purse when I get stuck, I feel like my gran sometimes!!

Well of for the third blood test this week yuk,




Oh yes know it well, something the NRAS mention on their helpful tips page, is putting our hands in warm water in the mornings to help with this. It takes a while, but does help, as others have said a nice warm shower too. Hope that helps a little, from one stiff fingers to others my thoughts are with you x


Hi glad to hear the description of fingers as sausages that is how i try to describe the feeling to friends when trying to take money out of my purse. They think I am just tight!

Some sale assistants and other shoppers get fed up while waiting for me to get hold of change.

I too feel like my grandma.

Sam X


I suffer from stiffness but found gloves from my OT helped they are like pressure garments but allow you to move fingers as much as you can


on bad days I cant get my hand to grip my toothbrush.. and like helix I need the hot shower in the morning x


Try and do hand exercies to keep the movement and wax baths are good x


Thank you for posting me your comments,

Today I had my appointment with my Rheume nurse who actually asked if I had an OT, and Physio. - Which I replied no.

I literally threw my all bran at my little boy this morning(who found it hilarious)- I was flabbergasted, could not belive what happened.- losing control of my hand.

When I told the nurse about I think She finally realised how bad it is.

Im feeling rubbish,due to the change in medication 3 weeks ago, was on Methatrexate, but recently changed to Sulfasalazine. Which takes about 3 months to kick in.

Im wondering if anyone else has changed to Sulfasalazine- and had posative results.

Thanks once again xXx


hi i take both .. salaz wasnt that good for me on its own so they introduced MTX as a combination

working well at moment



My partner has his index and fore finger locked from working with a nail gun recently


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