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cold all the time !

Hi everyone, hope you are all pain free, its moaning minny here again, I get so cold in the afternoons that I have 2 jumpers on and the central heating.... just wondered if anyone feels like this and is it part of RA, but at night in bed I always get very hot.

Any ideas anyone please.

Wendy xx

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have you had your bloods checked lately?

might be worth mentioning it to your gp or rheumy.

my internal thermostat is always wonky, but I have thyroid problems.

its not moaning, it's telling it as it is.




I'm in the same boat although it's slightly better just now for some reason. I think in my case it might be a combination of RA, weightloss, meds and underactive thyroid. Keep wrapping up and hopefully it will settle down. Tilda x


Sounds more like thyroid than RA, or it could be the beginnings of flu. If its unusual for you, then make an appointment with your GP and see what they say.


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