Todays the first time for my mtx injection at home

I gave myself the 1st jab at the rheumy clinic last Friday and will have my 1st home "jab" later today! On a brighter note I sent off for a dog back pack (pannier style). I have a large dog and she can now carry water, mobile phone, treats etc without me having to carry a bag out with me. We had a "dry run" yesterday and she was great. If it wasn't for her I would never go out except to the doctor and hospital - she motivates me to try and walk - and a great companion too as I live alone.

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  • Good luck, hope all goes well for you. Love the picture in my mind of your lovely dog with pack & you enjoying a walk. Love Alison x

  • sounds a great dog, what sort is she? x

  • Ah, I get it now! The back pack is for the dog! At first I thought it was for you to carry the dog in and I did wonder .......... (We were looking at backpacks for carrying our old dog before she died.)

    I love this - I've always thought that dogs are happiest when working and it's going to be so helpful for you. Enjoy your walks, both of you!

    Luce x

  • What a brilliant idea! Never thought of getting the dog to do the hard work - although I'm not sure I'd put anything too precious into it to start with as knowing the dog we look after it would end up in a large muddy puddle!

    I found doing the injections at home easier than with nurse as could take my own time. And it does get easier every week. Polly

  • This is a fab idea! Although I do have to agree with the previous comment that I would have to start off with just treats and maybe some water as my dog lives to chase birds and squirrels given the chance! Know what you mean also about having a dog being a good motivation to get out and exercise...good luck with your first home jab ! :) x

  • Oh Tess, what a story. Like the others I can see you and your faithful companion out trotting in the park with all your bits and bob at hand. I have two dogs, both rescued. One is a Lhasa who very much has a mind of his own and wouldn't dream of doing anything like helping out at all, a bit snobby i think but a lovely fella too. The other is a mix breed pup of six/seven months who is giddy with happiness at being in a loving home and as yet no ready for helping the cripple! I too live alone and the dogs 'make' me get up and go for walks. When I am really bad I 'walk' them at night so no one can see me shuffle down the street.

    This comment made me think too about hand bags.....I don't carry one any more, it hurts my hands and shoulders too much. I find I mostly use coats with lots of pockets to carry all my things in. Isn't it amazing how much the disease can effect so many areas of our lives? That's me for now. Jean. Xx

  • Jean, I used to stuff everything in my coat pockets too as carrying a bag around would be too much. The back pack is great for us both. She is an Akbash dog (Turkish breed) I had her in Turkish North Cyprus and when I came back to the UK last year she of course came with me. We didn't have a walk yesterday or Saturday as I wasn't up to it - but the sun is shining this morning so I will try later today. x

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