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Happy Boxing Day to everyone!

Husband gave me the Christmas gift no one wants- Covid! Thank goodness for jab, jab and other third jab!

Now I have a great excuse for chocs and musicals on tv.

Keep safe and well everyone. Roll on 2022. 💕

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Well, wasn't that very generous of him? You must have been thrilled with that gift!!😉 I hope you're not feeling too awful 🤞

As you say, thank goodness for those jabs! Rest up, and I hope you are being suitably well looked after.

Hope hubby is going to make it upto you with a gift other than covid (and no, I don't mean Norovirus or flu)!! 😄😄

Take care xx

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Green230461 in reply to Kags1068

Gold earrings might be nice……!

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Kags1068 in reply to Green230461

Haha - yes!! Infinitely more preferable 😉😄

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Green230461 in reply to Kags1068

I got a super red duffel coat

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Kags1068 in reply to Green230461

Ooh, sounds lovely. I hope it's a fair compensation? Hope you are ok too x

Oh Green I'm sorry to hear this and hope you feel better soon. Not a gift I'm sure you or anyone readily wants. Take care and sending some supportive, calming, restful wishes to you xx

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Green230461 in reply to Pippy25

Thank you we are coughing in stereo at the moment 😊

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Pippy25 in reply to Green230461

Bless you xx

I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully it will be mild and short lived. Enjoy the chocolates . Wishing you a quick recovery 💕

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Green230461 in reply to MadBunny

Thank you drinking water, juice and tea. Watching rubbish tv and keeping warm. 😊

Oh gosh how awful. Just what you need to start the new year.. Hopefully you will feel better soon and your husband is running around catering to your every need. Although with covid I can’t see you wanting much other than to sleep. Look after yourself.

Taking it easy and keeping warm! Covid tests every day. Roll on 2022!

Oh dear Green, I'm sorry to hear this. I hope it's a very mild dose and that you feel better in no time. My b-i-l tested positive a week ago (he's 86) and felt lousy for the first few days but I spoke to him lunch time and he's feeling (and sounding) much better now so there is definitely something to be said for the vaccines. 🤞 x

Sounds promising! Just could not believe it I have not stepped foot in a shop for eighteen months!Hubby came home showered clothes in machine as he has from the beginning and he got a call from work all staff positive!

He was very upset. However Christmas was fine and hopefully we are on the mend

I bet he was upset, especially as he was doing all the right things. Glad to hear you are both on the mend. I couldn't believe the difference in my b-i-l in just a few days and was very pleasantly surprised and relieved. x

That is good news and don’t we need it

Absolutely, hope you're feeling a bit better now and your hubby too. 🤞 x

I hope it's mild and short lived, and you have lots of treats x

Thank you! A jolly good excuse to take things easy. Missed seeing my sister and family but at least we are still here. Thank goodness for science!

I‘m so sorry and I very much hope the vaccines do their job and keep you safe and stop you from feeling too awful! And that you are the recipient of lots of tlc xx

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Green230461 in reply to

Thank you for your kind thoughts. Drinking a lot and taking it easy. Keep safe and well.

Oh no! So sorry. I hope you have only mild, shortlived symptoms. I wish you both a very speedy recovery.

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Green230461 in reply to Sheila_G

Thank you for your kind thoughts. I am hopeful that the jabs will do their job properly and keep us safe. Thank goodness for science!

If you are on immunosuppressants you are entitled to one of 2 treatments for the virus. Not sure if you’ve yet received your PCR kit, or email re it. It needs to be within 5 days of starting symptoms, but your GP or 111 can do an urgent referral. Hope it is a mild case you’ve got, and that you are recovering. Here’s a link about it, it may benefit others as well

Thank you very much. I will look into this now Christmas is over.

Thanks for link Maureen, interesting how what looks like the equivilant Welsh guidance differs in that there's no mention of letters never mind PCR test kits being supplied. The guidance is issued by the Welsh gov rather than the NHS , as is the case with your link, but has the same latest update of Dec 22nd. I did hear the first minister for Wales mention sending out letters to all on the shielding list a fortnight ago but no mention of PCR kits and complete silence since. Not sure what to think but can't say the lack of information is very reassuring here in Wales....silence is golden.....not!

Ahha, I've just come across a an online copy of the forthcoming letter to Welsh shielders. No surprise to me that it contains the same old advice about taking precautions as in previous letters and there is no mention of including a PCR test with the letter. Oh well, looks as if I'm going to have to tell a porky or two when I fill in the online application for them to mail me a PCR test. Nothing like being proactive is there!.......................

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Intheend in reply to wishbone

I share your disappointment at the lack of information re antiviral treatment eligibility here in Wales…

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Green230461 in reply to wishbone

I would definitely do that now. Ordered PCR test did it and put it in box at 4pm. By. 10am I had text result that is an incredible thing.

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wishbone in reply to Green230461

Are we entitled to a PCR test without symptoms? I tried to order one online but the process was so complicated and the number and types of questions they asked was crazy! :-O I eventually give up trying and the only way I could get one was by saying I had covid symptoms. I didn't like doing that but after recent experiences with NHS Wales I no longer feel I can trust the system. Just hope I don't need to use my PCR test, but hearing the number of friends and people I know who've been infected, I'll be lucky to avoid it................................................

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wishbone in reply to Green230461

PS... my test arrived early the next morning.

So sorry to hear your news Green, hope you get a mild case and that you aren’t feeling too poorly this morning. Perhaps you could ask your husband if he kept the receipt for your unwanted gift?! 💐

I am trying very hard not to regift it! Staying in keeping warm and watching rubbish tv.

Oh noooooHope you aren't feeling too poorly xx

Trying to keep positive in another way. Lots of drinks chocs and tv. Books ready for when I have more energy! Happy new year.

Hopefully it is mild 🙄Enjoy your chocs and movies.

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happyinlove in reply to Mmrr

I was going to volunnteer to be a passenger in the car delivering xmas food to all those who missed out when our annal xmas party was cancelled as a precaution to cease1 spreading of the new virus on xmas eve all of us had to go and get ourselves tested . i cooked food and made a container to my working friend handed it over and rused off to the centre.where i found out i had covid i cancelled the service my driver so that they could find some one else and went home to self isolate i have a runny nose that is all today the 4 h day i did use one of the test kits and am still positive. i have no symptoms i drank a lot of hot ginger tea lime water phoned friends

i called and apologised to my friend who i took the food for . she was newly diagnosed with leukaemia bur she reassured me as i was outside handing over the container to her inside the fact that her grand children who just finished their corvid treatment she may have developed antibodies she thoroughly enjoyed the lovely freshly prepared food . that was good news.

i hope this isolation ends soon tomorrow i have booked a p c r test it is the 5thday let us see how it goes i have had both the vaccinations also the booster. i should be ok

i wish you a speedy recovery and hope it is a mild attack like mine. all the best

PCR test returned in within 12 hours of posting it miraculous

Hope your both feeling better soon 💕💕

Thank you. My hubby is up to nine days isolation now

Take it easy hun and hope you do not suffer. Try and enjoy the chocolates 🍫

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Green230461 in reply to Ms-D

Thank you. Apparently you could still test positive after three months but you are not contagious

Sorry to hear. How are you going now two days on?What meds are you on if you don’t mind me asking?

Please keep us updated work you and good luck from Australia!

PCR has come back positive so isolating for ten days. I am on baricitinib. Sulfasalazine, omeprazole,and losartine for blood pressure. Told by rheummy to keep going with all of it. Been hot and bothered headache and of course cough but starting to feel better today. Thank goodness for three jabs. Keep well🙋🏻‍♀️ Happy New year to you in Australia 😎

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