RA alone

im off work at moment , have been for 6weeks. not had a good time over last year. work seems too much when im there. nobody visits . my boyfriend left me 3 weeks ago " said he couln't cope with me ! "

all i can say is thank you to my son and my dogs for getting my backside out of bed .

its hard for others , they seem to think its nothing and your just a barnacle ...

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  • He wasn't much of a man if he thinks that and your better off without him mollie. There is someone better for you out there.xx

  • thank you sylvi. im getting used coping on my own . i dont want a relationship now , im my priority now.its def tough out there xxx

  • I found when i stopped looking for a bloke along came my gorgeous husband. You get yourself sorted out first and it will creep up on you before you know where you.

    If you let people know where you are roughly based i am sure there is a chance of a group being set up. xxx

  • Hello Mollie123,

    sounds like a very tough time just now. Well done to son and dogs but basically it's you who gets yourself up & motivated despite how you must be feeling & it can't be easy. Give it time & you'll find more and more reasons to get going every morning, I'm sure. Shame that nobody visits - it can be hard making & keeping friends when you are going through a difficult period, I think. But don't think along the lines of it always being this way. Not everyone is an ignorant so & so about RA but, I agree, plenty of people are unfortunately. Keep looking out for like-minded types to have a laugh with. Glad you posted,

    Luce xx

  • awe thanks, i wasnt sure to "bare " my feelings . glad i did though . i was really down because metx made me really ill twice.im going to start lef with hydrx. do you know if this is ok together.

    i am trying like mad to find other sufferers in my area , but not alot around . i was trying to start a group .

    thanks again


  • The only dmard I know about is mtx which I get on well with but I'm meant to be starting on Sulphasalzine soon - quite apprehensive about rocking the boat as I've been feeling good lately. I can all too easily imagine that change of meds is nerve wracking so hope all goes well with the lef & hydroxy combo. If nobody responds to your query here you could perhaps ask about this in the Questions section. And come to that might be worth blogging or writing a question to see if anyone on here lives near you & wants to start a group.

    Luce x

  • hi thank u for your support. ive had a response to my combo meds . im guna take lef in min.

    it does unerve you having new meds etc . x

  • I think Lef with Hydroxy is a good combination Mollie and you will do well on it hopefully. This is the place I come to lay myself a bit bare too and I always wonder what the hell I'm doing after I've clicked on "submit" - but the feedback and discussion and general compassion and common sense of others here makes it worthwhile every time.

    I hope you find other people with RA in your area. I don't know anyone personally here where i live who has RA and I think this makes it an even more lonely experience. On the other hand I think having RA just makes us introspective and difficult to be with for all friends and family for quite a long time - that certainly seems to be the case for me. No one else can understand the disease, the drugs, the uncertainty and the fear and pain as well as fellow RAers so you just come here whenever you like - there's always someone who will chat and make it a less isolating experience for you. Tilda x

  • What a mean man'' being off is debilatating im on my 3rd week off though friends pop in when they can x, I find animals can be such good company and they can sense pain too x

    Welcome to our group x

  • hi ya , yeh hes a git. i was quite down about it. im starting to get up and get on with it now.

    Being off work worries me. im trying to get myself up as for work so im not too tired if i get back.

    my dogs are gr8 they really do know when your hurting.i try to get out with mine daily . when i was working i didnt manage to walk them i just slept on the settee and hurt so much.

    iv e had a jab 2 weeks ago and feel much more awake.


  • awe thank u for the support. i hope my meds work too. your quite right with all you say.im glad i found this site , lots of us going through the same stuff.xxx

  • Hi Mollie, I hope the meds help and you feel better soon. I've got 2 dogs, a jack russel and a labrador and they've been my best friends this past year. No matter how I feel they manage to make me smile, get out of bed and go out walking each day. Also you'll always have friends to talk to now you've found this wonderful site.

    Paula x

  • thanks paulywoo , im walking my dogs most days now, i make myself go out. my staffie loves this snow hes just like a kid. like you without him i dont know what i'd do.

    Im so pleased i found this site and all you lovely people . xxx

  • Hi mollie welcomes d I hope you get better soon and your meds kick in .

    Having dogs are great you get cuddles and lots of love from them and glad you have a son to help you chin up love Karen x

  • You will come through this so much stronger, I know that doesn't help at the moment. I would much rather have dogs than a man, dogs give so much more, and ask so little.

  • hi mollie, hope you are ok, and keeping warm, you will get through it im sure, be strong and look after yourself, i have a dog too, hes a great little friend. i suppose im lucky, my partner is so supportive he has MS, so we care for each other, we are like a bag of bones together ha ha. if you ever need to talk, pop on and rant away, everyone is great on this site !!

    peace xxx

  • Your boy and your pups will get you through this horrible patch Mollie. Gentle exercise with them is good for the soul as well as the body. The end of a relationship is always hard but if he didn't have the stamina to cope with certain stresses presently, then he wasn't going to be the best chap for the job in the long run eh!

    The internet is quite a good pick me up, I'm not suggesting you 'date' but just communicating with some chaps may be uplifting. It's safe and you're not propping up a bar or worrying about the impact on your son and your life generally. There are good sorts out there, and yes concentrating on your family at the mo is a good thing but there is nothing wrong with window shopping in the mean time :o)

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