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Long time

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Been of the fags since first of January

Started smoking at 14 now 68

Just using will power

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Welcome Antifoul2020 and congratulations on almost 4 months smoke free, well done! I too stopped cold turkey 6 years ago in September, one of the best decisions of my life!

How are you finding it?

Had a couple of restless nights Think once you set your mind to it

It really isn’t as bad as you expected

Well done! These first days are so tough. I’m on day one. Just trying to get through the morning! I’m impressed by your willpower!

👍 😀

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Whale13 Months Smoke Free

Well done First 3 days are the worst, sleep disturbance normal and can last a few days. You have just taken the best decision. I stopped 9 weeks ago and can honestly say so happy to be smoke free. Read Allen Carr Easy way to stop smoking. It really helped me to realise that nicotine is the problem and dispels all the myths and illustrations surrounding smoking. Good luck, stay strong and soon you will start to feel better and sorry for all those still smoking and suffering.

Well Done!!

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Antifoul2020 in reply to Chuck5

Thank you very much chuck that wound looks very sore indeed get better soon all the best from Scotland

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