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🐤🥚Happy Easter Sunday and April's Fools 🐤🥚🤡

🐤🥚Happy Easter  Sunday and April's Fools 🐤🥚🤡

Hope everyone is having a nice smoke free Easter - doesn't seem like it at all, think it is because it falls so early this year. Hubby got me good for April Fools (for those of you not aware of this tradition, link attached):

He brought our Charlie out for his usual morning walk in our local forest park. He returned, I was just up and making the bed when he came up the stairs and slowly came into the bedroom and in a serious voice said he lost Charlie again (long term members will know that hubby lost Charlie in the same forest park the May bank holiday last year, I was devastated but we were so lucky a lovely lady found him, brought him home with her and with the powers of facebook, he was returned to us later that night).

Legs nearly went from me when he said it to me so it didn't last long and just went 'April Fools!' - he was so lucky I didn't knock him out!!!

Any ideas how to get him back - heading out for Easter Sunday dinner in about an hour?

Picture of Charlie after getting his fur and nails grooming yesterday..

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hi RoisinO1

I definitely would have KO him

are you driving,

could you put car round corner,so when he goes for it its gone,.

bit rubbish at practical jokes.

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Couldn't get him back as he was on his guard :)


yes, a bit early. Happy Easter.

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That's a good one. Ill have to think one up for my wife ?

Not smoking is the best thing you can do. I still get hit a couple times a day that urge to smoke, but I don't. Still have full unopened pack in my van.🚭🔠😬 Jeff

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