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No Smoking Day
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... Literally iced & snowed in. Exercise incentive?

Amazes me Hercu is having drought on one side of the world, while we are having a few days of snow and sleet.

As i read about blue Moons in UK and the Emerald Isle (we did have those too) i think of all you lovelies and wonder how your quits are going.

Frankly am happy holidays are over. These were my first smoke free & icky 3s same time (3months 30 Dec 2017)

I have gained 20lbs and have wanted to start exercising but no motivation to do so. House is a wreck and have really been experiencing the fuglies. (Flippin ugly; mood, looks, attitude,health, vision...)

Fade in this weather...It is below zero, has been snowing thawing, freezing then snowing some more. I made soup and drank first coffee w caffeine (out of decaf and most food other than popcorn, yogurt, peaches and chowder.) Not only do i have energy from caffeine to exercise , i've inadvertently started my diet.

Exercise will happen to prevent the stir crazy that happens when am snowed in on this hill.

When i asked God for motivation, perhaps i should've been more specific! ;) πŸ˜‰

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Crazy world Exmo....Dryer gets dryer and wetter gets wetter...One of the signs of earth waming they say...We had a nice warm week so far..40 to 42 ⁰C...!!

Strongs with the exersise..!!

(I believed exersising helped me to gain lost confidence and self esteem... it really works)

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Hey Exsmo,

So good to see a post from you again :)

I've only got time for a super quick reply for now, but wanted to let you know that after a relative cool week with temps around 28c/82.4f (very pleasant after a couple of very hot weeks) we are now brazing ourselves once more for another heatwave with temps of 36c, 39c, and 40c (96.8f, 102.2f and 104f) for the next three days and beyond.

So here's hoping you stay warm while I will try to stay cool :D


Hi honey. Its cold down south here no snow yet. If you are stuck in doors as we all are in winter in britain. Get some keep fit dvds. No nΓ©ed to go out πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


Hey Exsmo - its been bitterly cold here in Ireland since Sunday and we had about 5cm of drifting snow last night, we have another orange weather alert warning tonight for more snow and to hit -6 degrees which leave driving conditions treacherous - Ireland seems to come to a stand still in this weather, never seen so many weather warning alerts since Christmas....

Made a pot of homemade Chicken and Vegetable soup on Sunday night for the week and really warms the bones in this weather. If I can't get out walking (think a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day is good gentle exercise as not one for the gym), I do the steps on the stairs, do about 200 of them on the first stair just stepping up and down it, seems very easy but it tough (for me anyway) and usually break it into 2 sessions :O :D

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