Latest Poll Completion

Latest Poll Completion

Afternoon all, can I ask that all members especially long term quitters to participate in below latest poll on tips in succeeding in our quits if not already done so.

I would like to get as many tips as possible especially for our new members and lurkers yet to begin their journey.

Thank you to those who have already completed it :)

6 Replies

  • Done it Roisin. I meant to vote on Friday but got distracted and forgot about it...not like me! :-)

  • cheers Nozmo, hope you enjoyed curry, beers and fireworks last night?

  • I did thanks!

    I didn't however feel in tip top condition this morning when I woke up. Having a nice lazy Sunday.

  • Nothing like a lazy Sunday - having one myself and catching up on my Masterchef sky plus recordings :)

  • hi RoisinO1

    I just got back from a mini-holiday (I wish ) have been to Bridlington for bonfire . A couple of busy days.time flew.

    spent time with freinds.good fun

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • Ah lovely Thinlizzy54, good for the soul to meet up with friends - went out for a meal Thursday night with my ex colleagues, was great to catch up and hear how everyone is doing - nearly 2 months gone from our jobs now and haven't looked back :)

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