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Another smoke free weekend

I've risen above the family quarrel and another weekend smoke free.  Cooked Sunday lunch yesterday for my son and grandson, I love having them here on Sundays although it was a bit too warm for cooking a roast. Think it's getting to be bbq weather now and cooking outdoors.   We are expecting two more great grandchildren this year, so I've got out my crotcheting hooks and knitting needles which has certainly taken my mind off smoking.  Got my granddaughter and hubby plus their 3 children coming out next month for two weeks so that will be a challenge as although we shall love having them, it will be hectic and her hubby smokes.  I am hoping by then I can cope with having cigarettes in the house without wanting one.

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Good for you Jean and well done on overcoming that trigger over the weekend.   I think you will be fine, once you are thinking ahead and preparing as Nozmo said in an earlier post, congrats too on the 2 new grandkids on their way, thats definitely a great motivation for you....

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Now I thinks it's truly fantastic, your showing mr Nico who's boss, that is indeed amazing, so very pleased you passed the weekend without any issues.

Congratulations on your news of new babies, how wonderful to pick them up smoke free, and smelling nice.

Am hopefully by the time of your families visit, your quit will be well and truly fixed with you.

Well done you


Jean what a great post - fantastic news about the great grandchildren on the way and brilliant that you are still smoke free!


Sounds like you have your hands full! Glad to see it's all going well and you have another week behind you. 


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