No Smoking Day
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1 month tomorrow!

Well what can I say!

Tomorrow I have not smoked for 1 month! That's 433 fags not smoked, a saving of £198! I entered this not over planning, I remember smoking my last fag and hated it! I feel the time was right, after some major life changes this was the last on my 'to do list'

I have the odd craving and have found myself patting my pockets to get a fag and realised I have stopped, a small amount of panic sets in but quickly subsides, I have learnt to laugh at my addiction and habit!

I am surprised how quick the cravings go, and I loved smoking, I was a dedicated follower of smoking! But I feel proud I have got this far, and guess what? I have decided I won't be smoking tomorrow or the next day or the next day........... Thanks for your support on here, I keep reading your tips!

Timmy Tim x

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Huge congratulations Timmytim, 1 month milestone is a huge achievement and rightly so that you are proud, keep up the great work and positive attitude:)


Well done! I hope you're celebrating because you are a winner 🎊🎊🎊


Excellent work Timmytim. Glad to hear you've come this far...and actually seem to be enjoying it! Spend the money you've saved on something for yourself...or save up for something even better. You deserve it.


Timmytim, congratulations. If I had any snippet of advice to dole out it would be this, don't let your guard down, your strong willed now and that's fantastic but it's when we become complacent that the ugliness of addiction is able to suck us back into the vortex and straight towards relapse. Don't get me wrong, you and so many other here are doing well, really really well, I just want every one to remain vigilant and keep up the good fight.


True that! So true....

I always relapsed around week 5/6..


Just popping in to say a HUGE CONGATULATIONS truly fantastic.



Congratulations for today I think on your milestone!! I'm a day ahead of you so we will be hitting the year mark together in the not to distant future! Well done, I sympathise with the forgetting, happens at the most weird moments too!


Timmy.. Well done ... One month is big one is three months...!!


Thank you so much peeps, my students bought me a chocolate bar to celebrate my milestone! I agree with the complacency, I am aware of that little voice of 'one puff won't make a difference' this site has helped me so much, I'm obsessed with reading people's tips!

I am saving up for a log burner ( recently moved house so lots of DIY projects required!)

Thank you for responding everyone it means a lot x


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