Day 1

This is my first day I didn't even finish whatever tobacco I had I just threw it in the bin as I'm ready to kick this to the curb I've been smoking for the past 3 years I know it's not the longest time but quitting is quitting as I should never have started I was athletic and constantly playing sports I still play sports now and I've started to properly exercise although I am in the boat of wondering is it going to be easier for me to stop( and I know that even that can't be classed as easy) than say someone that has been smoking for a longer period of time although wish me luck as I have quit once before and I don't get cravings as such as I don't really feel like I am ever dying for a puff but I want to get properly fit and live a better life and this disgusting habit has to go

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  • I agree with Karri, and good luck with your quit!

  • Ditto what Karri said. Good luck with quitting. It's worth it.

  • You will notice a hell of a difference in your fitness once you stop, but not for a while. After about a month I noticed that I wasn't wheezing after going out for a run, my times improved and I wasn't gasping for breath as often when running. I ALSO noticed that when I started smoking again over Christmas the wheezing and breathlessness returned after a few days. That was my experience anyway, hope it makes a big difference for you too. Good luck with the quit!!

  • Welcome Ns90'sman, well done on making the best decision of your life to quit, as Karri rightly said, it doesn't matter how long you smoke, the nicodemon still takes over you the same way! Wishing you every success in your quit, stay close to the forum and post as often as you need, look forward to reading your progress1:)

  • Ns.... definitely nicotine is on of the strongest addictions there is.... and the worst of all is that with other addictions you are treated in institutions with specialized help.....we nicotine junkies must cope on our own.... and that is why this forum is such a great help....we understand the suffering..... Stay strong and it will get better... !!!

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