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Week 2 days ok, nights AAAARRRRGGGHH

This is the latest I've stayed up since I quit. I'm finding the days ok and not as bad as anticipated but my god from about 7pm I really struggle and am constantly thinking just one won't hurt! I've resisted but it seems to be getting harder as the days go on and I can't keep going to bed before my kids to avoid the temptation 😂😂. Water and colouring just ain't helping anymore. Any suggestions gratefully received!

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I was like that some stage my kids started putting me to sleep and come down to watch the cartoons lol

It's not forever, it becomes easier slowly...I only found peace after day 47.

The majority of the people I know noticed a huge difference once they got to day 10.

Every quit is different and we must stay alert and prepared for whatever comes.

Anything is allowed except smoking ;) well done so far ;))


One will lead to more than one. It's so easy to get back into the habit as I have found out several times.

It's horrible but you just have to beast it out.


I used to find it hard during the day more so than at night to be honest. I think you just need to keep yourself occupied. Crap advice I know... But you'll get there, just stick with it


Hey N!kn, well done on reaching Week 2, along with Karri's advice, what I did for first the couple of months of my quit was keep myself busy with finally doing things I put on the long finger for months even years and got them done! (for example, decluttered, painted fences, shed, and done gardening - was September when I quit so weather may not be suitable for outside stuff now). Spring cleaned every weekend and still do since I quit! I now make alot more time for myself too to relax and unwind, taking long baths, pampering myself, listening to music, reading. I love cooking and have been experimenting with new homemade healthy receipes.

As it is the new year, now is as good as time as any to start new routines, wishing you strength and determination, you can do this!


Many experts say it takes 21 days to start to break a habit! You're almost there!


I believe in that. It does take 21 days to break a habit.'ll be no where done here by day 21, I'm afraid. it will be a different battle then!

Stay strong.


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