No Smoking Day
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week 9!

Hellooo everyone :)

Happy new year! I hope everyone has survived the holidays without a cigarette!

I did and i am only days away from being completely smoke-free for 2 months.

It's kind of weird, i'm not going through the best period in my life, but i do know that that is not because of the non-smoking.

Actually, the fact that i am not smoking anymore makes me so proud of myself that it evens helps to make me happy and confident that i will feel better soon.

Ofcource there have been some hard times, especially when i'm feeling really mad or nervous my brain still makes a connection with cigarettes.

And almost everytime i smell cigarette smoke i really love it and try to smell it.

Some positive notes:

-Since my quitting attempt a total of 6 friends have tried to stop, and only one of them has really started smoking again. The others are relapsing now and then, but they are still really trying.

-My stamina has improved drastically.

-People telling me their very proud of me that i'm quitting, and that i give them hope they can also quit sometime.

-I'm still eating more then usual but it is getting less and less.

-I can party and drink alot of beer with alot of smokers without smoking myself. And it is getting so much easier then i ever expected it to be.

I hope my english is good enough for you guys to understand it :)


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Ah Well Done Brien, I am delighted for you! I am on Day 110 today smoke free and like you I am very proud of myself. We seem to be well and truly on the road to freedom! Wishing you a continued smoke free year!


Very nice rowens!! On the road to freedom indeed :)


Brien - well done! You're doing so well, and I love your list of positivity :)

Keep up the great work.

By the way, your English is great, I wouldn't have known it's not your language! Where are you from?


Thanks. I'm from Belgium!


I was starting to wonder where did you go buddy?! Ahahah so happy for you! I knew you meant business from your first post.

Your English is perfect!

I'm not a native speaker either...this quitting business is turning out to be very international affair lol

The funny thing is that we're all going through the same process, same complaints, same difficulties

We all come from different ethnic groups, different cultures, different races...

I think we might have just proved that smoking is rotten no matter what language you say it.

Keep it strong buddy, you're definitely going to the penthouse with me :)


really mmaya? Again, I would never have known! Massive respect both of you - I can barely string a how-d'you-do together in any other language - hats off!


Yes not going anywhere!! Haha yes it is an international affiar :)


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