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Nearly 4 Years

Hello All

Today I received a happy birthday message from the forum - so I thought I'd login - which apparently I haven't done for almost two years!

So I've just popped in and say hello and happy new year. Well done to all who have conquered the nicotine monster (I've noticed a few familiar names from the last few days' posts).

Very best of luck to those of you who are early in your quits. Some of you will no doubt be finding it quite a battle, but stick with it, use the forum, remember it's mind over matter, it does get easier as you will see from all the successes on here, and above all else, and don't let the monster win! You can and will win this battle.

Best wishes all. :D

Shazza xxx


It's soooo long since I logged on, the site is all different, and my signature has disappeared!

Quit 8.4.12 - CT and this forum and the most patient husband in the world ;)

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Well done ShazzaH, always great to see an old hand drop by to say hello!


Hello Oeuf Timer (Love the Eggy Tagline)

Good to hear back from you and trust all is well your end. :D

Glad I logged back in, not only to find your message, but also to see that my old signature has miraculously appeared! Maybe I was having a senior moment yesterday - not unusual these days :eek: :o

S xx


Congratulations Shazza, thank you for coming to share your 4 year milestone, what an achievement!


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