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2 Years Today

I've not looked at the forum for a long time but my phone tells me that I have been smoke free for 2 years. I wanted to post here to encourage you that it really is possible. Everyone can stop smoking that goes without saying but staying quit and feeling happy about not smoking is different.

Honestly, it took me about 9 months to completely feel happy in my quit but I promise you that one day you will wake up and not think I should be having a cigarette but I cant - poor me! you wont even think about it. You will get through hard times and difficult situations without thinking it would be much easier with a cigarette, you wont even think about them.

Good luck to all who are starting their quits just remember that day will come when you realise you no longer have the voice telling you what your missing.

PS - Karri (hope you remember me) what a super star you are with your quit - I knew you would do it xx

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Thank you so much for posting, I wish we could see more posts like yours.

I've been struggling very badly for the last 5 days and what's keeping me going is posts like yours.

Massive congratulations, I hope someone close is treating you to something special because you deserve it.


Hey Lucy, Thank you so much for a very encouraging and positive post, huge congratulations on reaching 2 years, wow! I can't wait to reach my 1 year milestone and type on here to encourage others like you just did. I am currently in Week 11 and doing good at the moment but have had my good and bad days - attacking and getting through them!


Lucy.. Thank you so much ....for encouragement and the promise that we will completely forget..True even after 5 months+ it is something I did in the past and who in his/her right mind want to go through this torture again...


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