My health improvement.. Wow

Your Recovery

0Years5Months1Week3Days3Hours56Mins33SecsSince You Quit Smoking

Cravings Phase Progress

100% Complete

Heart Rate Recovery

100% Complete

Blood Pressue Recovery

100% Complete

Carbon Monoxide Removal

100% Complete

Nicotine Removal

100% Complete

Increase Levels Of Energy

90% Complete

Circulation Recovery

100% Complete

You Will Now Live 49 Days, 22 Hours, 0 Minutes Longer On Average

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  • Mmaya...Thank you and I know it came out of your heart....We are all into this crazy episode of our lives and supporting each other at the best we can.

    Thank you for the confidence in me and be assured it is Vice versa.

    I am so happy and lucky that I have made such good friends with special people like you... Thank you !!

  • Hercu, it did come from my heart and no second thought given to it, but I don't want or never wanted to upset anyone, so...deleted it.

    I meant every word of it though, I am very happy for

  • Thank you Mmaya..XXX

  • That definitely is a WOW post Hercu, well done!!!

    As Karri said, it is great how the body can heal itself, looking forward to reaching that health status, also, agree Karri, we are all the best for quitting!

  • Rowens ..Thank you and yes it is good to see the wonderful improvement after battering our body's with all that nasty chemicals for such a long time.

    Truly.... yes we are all winners just by making the decision to quit never mind the actual time we have been smoke free..

  • Very well done Hercu! And what a reward to see those improvements and the extra days too! And do you really feel all those improvements in yourself?

    PS what app did you use to get all that information? Mine doesn't tell me as much.

  • I downloaded smoke free app, it's similar enough..

  • Thank you Becky..and yes for a male on the far side of 50 the advantagesand improvemnts is very noticeable....I love the energy gain... and the "healthier" lungs grasp every ounce of oxygen available...It is the Quitza app (

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