Day 21 - Week 3!

Morning all and morning Week 4, delighted I have reached this point and ready to continue on this rollercoaster ride!

Unfortunately, woke up to a text of a family issue / situation which I wish I hadn't as going to be thinking about that smoke but I know it is not going to solve the problem or make it go away just could have done without it, ah well, thats life and have to get used to it......

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  • It's ok to think about smoking. Thinking, that's all. It's just a memory.

    I hope your difficult situation improves today


  • R, sorry for your news...I hope you're ok. I wish I had a magic wand and could touch your heads... To all of you and share this feeling I'm having abt the cigarettes. The idea of smoking actually revolts my stomach! Yesterday I had to move away from a group of smokers not because I wanted one but because it makes me sick.Stay strong buddy! Smoking doesn't make sadness go away, if it did I would be the happiest person on hearth. Xxx

  • Thanks for your words Elizabeth and mmaya, I am ok, it is an ongoing family member issue and had settled for a few months but now it has re-surfaced unfortunately. I haven't been thinking of smoking but thinking non-stop about the issue, will be ok when I talk it through with my family this evening after work....

  • Hey girls, just to let ye know, false alarm with family crisis, miscommunication, all ok thank god!

  • Thank you Rowens but what about the boys ????...(Joking) was really battling with this Internet service...Satelite and 3G not working properly... !

  • Sorry Hercu!! Boys aswell!

  • So i am currently doing stoptober and 22 days without a cigarette, I wouldnt of said i was a fulltime smoker - so maybe some of you wont understand why i am posting. However i have smoked on and off (mostly on) for over 10 years.

    I am fine with the not smoking, but i am finding that i cannot snap out of this horrific mood that i am in? has any one else felt like this?


  • Yup...That feeling of complete emptiness which leave you fairly agitated...Welcome Xtashyx and lucky for us it do pass. Stay strong !

  • Hey xtashy, huge congratulations on Day 22, that is a huge achievement, I am currently on Day 35 and my moods have been up and down, today is a good day, the physical withdrawals have now passed and it is all mental withdrawals and we are now coping with no longer getting nicotine which is giving us these moods of sadness, depression, anger, anxiety, panic etc... It will pass and get easier but takes time and we have to be on guard at all times. If you take a look at Hercu, a senior poster on here, he gives great inspiration, encouragement and advice on what to expect. Also, if you want other forum members to see your posts you can set up a new topic under the week you are in. Well done again!

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