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4 years today!!

Just a quick anniversary post - 4 years today - seems like a lifetime ago that I was a smoker. I never think about it nowadays, no cravings at all however still can't stand the stale smoke smell on people!!

OH has done nearly 2 years (she is still on the e-cig and given the tough year she has had - losing both parents - she has no intention of ever going back!).

Good luck to everyone starting out - its the best thing you'll ever do!! :)


Not smoked: 42,398 cigarettes

Saved (Spent): £13,355 (£6.30 for 20 when i stopped)

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Huge congratulations Dave, on Day 15, will I ever get to this huge milestone, what an achievement!


Dave, really good of you to come back to this forum and post those inspiring words "best thing you'll ever do" it means a lot to us especially from a forum member and gives us a little bit more strength to continue on saying NOPE. Months have passed yet I still get strong desires for a cigarrette now and then and couldn't really say what the triggers are, sometimes seems to be nothing at all but our mind is good at tricking us and trying to rationalize why 'just one' wouldn't be a big deal. Looking forward to posting my own anniversary messages on here, when the time comes. For now the battle continues. Hope to see you here again next October.


Congratulations Dave and thank you for reminding us that there is light at the end of this long tunnel we're travelling.

I really envy you your freedom and success and hope that one day I'll be able to post of my 4 year success.

I'm just waiting for the time when I can say that I never think about smoking but success stories like yours make us quitters realise that that time will come if we just stay stong.

Well done Dave.


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