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Day 28 - So proud

Gave up smoking 28 days ago on patches and inhalator. Went out on day 11 and had a couple of cigarettes. Made me feel such a failure and reaffirmed the belief that i was unable to give up smoking. In morning argued with myself on whether to continue to give up or smoke,at that moment i so wanted to smoke. Decided to continue to give up and now 17 days later i,m still not smoking and today is my fourth day of going cold turkey no patches or inhalator. Just got to get over this as soon as possible. So proud, optimistic and hopeful. Remain optimistic everyone, keep going it will be worth it eventually. Whew

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You should be so happy with your self for getting right back to the quit. Good for you!



Good for you......Keep it up !!!!

I am following and on day 27 today and also still suffering but promised that I will not smoke again...


You rock Mandy! 28 days is a huge milestone!

Stay strong and post often :)


Mandy that's awesome! So pleased for you, four weeks, what a superstar :) xx


Yup, 4 weeks is a great start, your doing real good.


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