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Positive re-inforcement

Today I've had a couple of 'wrong' thoughts. Not craves, nothing like so strong, but just kind of, 'well stopping smoking was really simple, I could always do that again if need be.' I was really REALLY taken by surprise by this, because I really believe that the reason I found this quit so simple was because I just didn't consider the possibility of ever smoking again. End of. So to even vaguely think about the fact I *could* do it again was just, well, nonsense. But still a bit scary.

So this evening I've taken a little time to consider positives again :) And I think that ALL the positives added together (I don't smell horrid, I have spare money to treat my little family more, my health and fitness is improved, my skin is TONS better etc etc....) add up to this. I feel like I have this whole positive outlook on life. I can do anything. I can win MAJOR battles, under my own steam. I feel like myself, as a child, (remember, when anything was possible? When maybe I WOULD win a pony in a competition and end up riding at the horse of the year show/write a massively influential novel/be Mary Poppins one day - not play her, BE her! etc etc) only with added realism and grown-up-ability. It's fabulous.

AND I can offer people a lift in my car without feeling terrible. AND I can spend time with non-smoking friends, not feeling like I'm in a rush to leave so I can smoke. Bonus!

There. I feel better already. Thanks for being here, forum friends!

Now I'm going to treat myself to yesterday's episode of Banished. Julian Rhind-Tutt and I go back a long way...ah, yes, Mac in the Green Wing shall forever be My Mr Right...

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That nicotine monster is a minx!

What a great post. I love what you say about being yourself as a child - I too have that little voice that says "if I can do this!!!!! What else can I do??

Good for you , Incy!!!!


Incy, lovely post, quitting smoking for me at least, was probably one of the few things in life, that I truly gave my full attention to, and by that I mean, we do have to be a tad selfish in those early days to get the long term goal we are aiming for. Once we achieve that we think, jeez I can indeed do anything? Not so sure lol


Thank you Incy for all your strong, patient and an ex smoker. What you say about being a chilg is so so true! That is what smoking does to cuts us away from our most creative, innocent, aspiring, motivational, amazing self. At least we are the lucky ones who saw the light...have an amazing day!


Bless you all :) I'm so glad that post made some sense!

But OH MY GOSH!! WHY did they have to kill Tommy?! :(


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