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No Smoking Day
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Staying positive

Today is the first day of week 4!

I still can not really believe I have stopped smoking...but I really have done it!

It is funny how the memories seem to disappear so quickly, I can not even remember the first few days. The rest of the first 2 weeks is also becoming a blur.

Right now I am working very hard on staying positive. I am finding that I have to just push myself forward and this is helping a lot. When I feel down I just tell myself to stop it and then set out to change the way I am feeling.

Exercise is really helping with this. I have some garden steps, about 2 flights worth, and when I feel I need a mental lift, I run up those steps a couple of times. Just the moving makes me feel better, I am also too busy concentrating on making it to the top to worry about feeling sorry for myself...LOL I also bought an indoor exercise bike, any hint of a craving or a woe is me thought and on the bike I get. I am also riding it for 30 min each morning and afternoon. I am also walking 2 K every evening. Beside helping my mental health, I can really see the difference in how I feel, not near as winded, can keep going for a much longer time. All of this proves to me just how much smoking was ruining my life.

The other thing I am doing is rewarding myself every day with something special, a thank you gift to say how much I appreciate myself for doing this LOL. Today was a trip out for a latte and pastry. It is wonderful when others understand and tell us how hard we have worked to do this, but I think it is just as import to tell ourselves this important message too.

I am running out of ideas for thank you gifts for myself, anyone have any ideas, things that make you feel extra special?

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Four whole weeks is huge. Well done. I'm finding the exercise helps me out as well. Although its getting a bit hot and I'm getting a bit lazy. I agree that gifts to ourselves are an important part to remind ourselves how wonderful we are at quitting.


Hi SmokyBear

Stinking hot here today too, 40C. I am south of Yass towards Gundagai.

Yes it is funny how exercise cheers me up. I have always been very active, but never one to just exercise for the sake of it. They say it releases hormones that makes you feel better. Could also be that is just gets your mind off of your problems and the increase heart rate improves your oxygen levels. Who knows but it does works!


Hi Downunder :D

Well done you the start of week 4 that's great just keep going

All your remarks about the heat there makes me feel even colder Brrrrrrrrr :D


marg xx


Hi downunder, hitting 38C today. found the only exercise I could do today was running around in the pool, aqua aerobic style. It has cooled off a bit this evening so i was able to go for a bit of a walk.


Try and Try again. From Emma

It has been 25 days since I stopped smoking. The first thing to do after you’ve made up your mind to stop smoking is talk to someone. Either talk to those around you or call the NHS Smoking Helpline on 0800 1690169 for some advice. Remember you’re not alone. You may be frightened or concerned about how stopping smoking will affect you and that’s why you need to talk to someone.

Get prepared to stop, choose a date and bin all your cigarettes. Think positive and think about the reasons you want to stop. Was it the smell of smoke? Was it the harm it was causing your body? Was it the financial benefits of going smoke free?

There are many different ways of going smoke free, and success is often a case of trying a different way, or finding the combination of methods that works best for you. Speak to your doctor or the NHS smoking helpline to find out about nicotine replacement products. My doctor said you’re four times more likely to succeed rather than using willpower alone. There are several different types from nicotine gum to nicotine patches to help beat those cravings during the first few weeks. Visit gosmokefree.co.uk for more information and advice.

The challenge is huge but the key thing is to keep going. I stopped on my third attempt so try and try again. The immediate benefits of going smoke free will motivate you. Within 24 hours you’ll start to feel your lungs get clearer, and after 48 hours your sense of smell and taste will improve. Look forward to these, and look forward to the physical, mental and financial benefits that are yet to come. You’ll be pleased you stopped and you’ll feel wonderful.

Good Luck and Remember

1.You can do it!

2.You should to talk to someone or your doctor

3.You must remain positive

4.If your able to then start taking regular exercise to occupy yourself

5.You mustn’t give up.

6.If you have to try again then so be it. Most people have realised that it’s suppose to take you more than one attempt to stop.


Most people have realised that it’s suppose to take you more than one attempt to stop.

Oh I hope you are not right about this in my case. This is my first time to stop smoking. I am not even calling it an attempt, it is a done deal! For me it is suppose to only take one time, this time! I do not smoke!! LOL

Hey I thought of a good thank you present, how about painting and redecorating my office? I should do all the work, would keep me busy. I think it would brighten my out look and mood every time I walked in the room.

Besides I still can smell smoke (it was the onoly room I would smoke in), so that has got to go. Do you think fresh paint and new window coverings, then shampooing the carpet and a good wash down of the furniture would get rid of the oder?


Well done you!!

I agree exercise helps heaps........:DI walked into town today:D 5.5km.......5 months ago I would have died trying to do that

I went and did aerobatics in a P51 mustang bomber on the weekend ( piccy below)....what a treat that was .....I guess just do whatever makes you feel good Downunder;)



Wow Ellie, that must have been awesome. At first I read it as aerobics lol


It was more than that smoky:D....its the best thing I have ever done:eek::D:D


Wow Elliekez...

Now that is what I call one very special thank you gift!

The person who is saving your life deserves the very best!!

That really is just a super idea and what a special thing to do for yourself! You will remember that for ever.


Hey guys, please remember the greatest gift you can give yourself is never to take another puff. I'm on day 40 now I went back to work today and I'm feeling great.

To not smoke is the best thing I have ever given myself and I can't think of anything greater.

Well done one and all.


PS Has anyone noticed the change below my user name and the change in my signature?


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