My smoke free birthday

Been spoilt again today by my hubbie and wonderful son. Been out and about in the lovely Spanish sun, had a great lunch. Back home now for a few hours then out again tonight with friends. My first smoke free birthday for many a year and feeling great. My son bought me a lovely necklace so I treat myself to the matching earrings from my no smoking money box. The only problem I have is I have just been in my wardrobe to decide what to wear tonight and oh dear what a smell of stale smoke. Think the washing machine is going to be working overtime. But it's also a big reminder of how stinky I was.

4 Replies

  • Happy smoke free birthday, hope you enjoyed your day

  • Ah many happy returns lovely! I hope u have had a great time xx

  • happy birthday to you, sounds like you have had a lovely day x

  • Hi Spanish, sounds like you had a lovely birthday. Happy (belated) birthday to you, The stinky wardrobe is a great reminder of why you stopped. I am on ten month now and only the other day pulled a scarf out of the cupboard that I hadn't worn in ages and the smell was awful! Pulled lots of coats out and had them cleaned after that! :):)

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