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Approaching the final straight on Saturday !


This Saturday marks eleven months since I quit !

Now coming out of the last bend onto the final straight.

In the far distance I can see what I think is "The Penthouse" , one or two people are hanging around outside ready to welcome new arrivals.


Be there very soon, February 10 to be precise.

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Fantastic Gus - well done :)

And just how fantastic is that? All the hard work sweat and tears, and now your passing over to a better place, blooming well done.

I think I can see the twinkle of the penthouse awaiting you arrival, and very well deserved.

Fantastic, well done

Congratulations Gus,I'll be there to welcome you with a nice glass of champagne x

Such good news Gus, good on you, hope you have something good planned for 10/2 :)

Well done Mike, I'm sure Gus would be proud :)

(For those who maybe confused Gus is a cat, here he is on the right of this picture from a while back).

Gus, the paint is just drying in your Penthouse suite (I poked my head around the door earlier) and believe me, you're going to simply LOVE it here! :D

I shall be just behind Carol, cheering you home, and will be brandishing an enormous chocolate cake just for you. :)

You enjoy the final countdown dear Gus and watch that finishing line draw forever closer.

GrahamA3 Years Smoke Free

Well done Gus.This is the one place you can be sure the people hanging around outside aren't having a sneaky one!

Well done Gus, nearly there.:)

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