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The illogicality of nicotine addiction

How can the funeral of a colleague who died suddenly of cancer, aged only 68, just before Christmas make me crave a cigarette? There is no logic in this at all! Happy to say that I resisted with the help of my trusty blackcurrant and liquorice drops and the NOPE mantra. I had really expected today to be a walk in the park, being at work, surrounded by non-smokers, yet somehow today I seem to have had more 'wobbly moments' than at home with my partner's cigarettes lying around. This quit is teaching me more about myself - quite possibly that I am simply perverse! ;)

Hope that Jim and Mina (and Vicki too if she is still with us) are getting through day five without too much difficulty. Is there a symbol for a metaphorical glass of champagne which we can award ourselves on Wednesday night?

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It hasn't really been awful though - just made me think a little more about my previous habit and what would make me go and smoke. I suppose that, if anything, it has made me more aware of the risks and more determined not to stop being an 'ex-smoker' as I now think of myself.


It's so true that some times we stop and think, when something so impacting and upsetting happens.

But it's so wonderful to know you are using this in a positive way to your quit .!!!

Doing very well, just keep going


Kent, if it is any help to you, I attended the funeral of our treasurer (I work for a small charity) a few days after my return to work after Christmas last year and I had quite a struggle dealing with ta mega-crave after the service. I hadn't expected it as I was a good month into my quit by then and things were generally well on the way to improving but there's something about occasions like that, I think, that can reallly make a 'comfort fag' seem a necessity. Oddly, the only time I ever had a similar crave after that was at a wedding.

Sorry for your loss but well done for hanging on in there and riding it out. I shall be raising a virtual glass of something fizzy to all of you stalwart January Quitters when Wednesday hoves into view. :)


Hey Kent

That sounds like an awfully sad day and I hope you got through it ok. You are bang on about smoking urges being illogical, I mean we are all intelligent human beings,yet we chose to ignore the consequences of a nasty habit just to keep it going. It's bizarre, but then I guess that's addiction.

So glad you got through it Kent, we will definitely raise a glass for the week :)



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