No Smoking Day
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Hooray it's Saturday! No work and a lovely lie in, that in itself is a treat :) first week very nearly complete! It's been a fairly easy ride apart from the wine induced craves last night, but I've learned my lesson there and wil avoid alcohol for the foreseeable future.

It's the dreaded food shop day.... :mad::mad::rolleyes::rolleyes: recommendations for snacks I can buy that are lovely and not too fattening please:)


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Donna really well done, just keep,going, as for snacks it's allays difficult, nothing seems to fill us up in the early days.

Humous with veg sticks.

Fruit salad, always have that in the fridge,

Your doing so well, just keep going:)

Well done:)


A big well done too ya for 7 days! be proud :) quitting isn't easy as you already know but it is worth it :)

Don't worry to much about the snacking part tho, drink some water before and after snacks to keep you full up. Anyway, any weight you put on you can get back off, choose your battles as they say :D


Well I bought hoummous, pitta breads, and yogurts but unfortunately I also bought some topics, aero mint bubble sweets, chocolate limes and some Doritos... Whoops :D xx


I went through bags bag midget gems but did got through a lot fruit try lollies they last longer I went through phase them big lollies u got 5 for quid all different flavours ok a lot calories but less then bar chocolate that can be devoured in seconds lol

but pouch now worry later xwell done donna x


I shall refrain from sharing my snack list with you lol! frozen grapes are ace as helene said above though. might freeze some of those this week!

well done on overcoming the booze craves! I couldn't do it so im waiting patiently for a glass of red, a large one at that!

keep going! I believe you have just completed your first week too!

you are AWESOME! well done:D hope your 2nd week of saying no to those dirty little demons goes wonderful:D


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