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Two years - two marathons....


At about 7pm this evening, I'll reach two years quit.

From sixty odd a day, three fags every teabreak, one outside every shop door when out with the family, rushing out from cinemas to top up, standing outside on the patio during football matches, all the things I did to get the fix. I don't do that now.

I went for a jog around the block not long after I stopped smoking; I couldn't get 50 yards without heaving and wheezing.

I'm hoping today to sign up for my second marathon. My brother lives in Bournemouth; being in Lincolnshire, we don't see a lot of each other, so to tie in a family visit (I have a very small nephew and a niece down there) with the Bournemouth Marathon in October looks to be on the cards.

I've done four half marathons and a marathon since quitting cold turkey in June 2012, using this forum as my only aid. We've raised nearly £4000 for Diabetes UK and Cancer Research in the process. That has happened because of this forum, and the people on it that took the time out to reply to my many posts,especially in the early days.

I only say that to show that it CAN be done, the fury and craving DOES pass. It's not easy for most, but it's not impossible.

No-one in my family was "smokier" than me, and I wouldn't smoke now if you paid me.

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Hi, am just in awe of the success you have achieved, you have proven you can totally turn you life around.:)

So please to read this post, so positive and true (hard work) but gets easier.

for all who follow in your footsteps, shows this addiction can be beaten.

Thanks for taken the time to post

Absolutely. If ever there was a thread that should be a sticky this is one.

I can only pass on my admiration and awe at your achievement Angry Bear. :)

Fan-flippin-tastic you are an inspiration to us all, very well done x

Truly inspirational Steve. You not only nailed the quit but got fit and helped raise much needed money for charity.

You are a star :D

Thanks all for the accolades but these achievements are down the forum, I would not have quit without it.

Two forum members were even there in London when I did my first marathon in April, and forum members have been very supportive financially when I've been collecting donations, but anyone who's ever commented on any of my posts were responsible for my six hour shuffle around London.

That will never change, and every step I ever run is down the you bl*ody marvels.

Thanks Kat, as supportive as ever! Registered for Bournemouth yesterday, two years and one day after brother's happy too, we'll have a big family catch-up while we're there; the forum keeps giving these gifts out :)

Brilliant! Great to hear that and you go from strength to strength Steve. Wonderful:) You are a great role model for the newbies:)


2 years, so well done my love:). Have loved following your story. So inspirational.

Fi x

What a lovely inspirational post, which shows that not only can you quit smoking, but get fit also AND raise money for worthy causes in the process.

Posts like this one are what's going to help me stay quit. Well done and thank you for sharing. :)

Better late then never in saying




First of i want to say how very proud i am to have been there on your journey from the beginning and its been one of the most inspiring stories to not just finding your path on the road to freedom but for all that you have done since quitting

you my friend are a real hero and just keep going from strength to strength

sending hugs your way Steve x

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