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10 days completed for the last time - thank you all

I am finally done being a serial quitter. I have quit smoking so many times that I have lost count and used every method I could think of over the last 4 years with mixed results.

I will share my quitting story shortly but for now I just wanted to come back to the forum and say thank you for all the support I have received over the last 4 years that has kept me coming back and trying again.

I truly have it this time and un like all of my last attempts this has been easy

Best wishes to everyone

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Wonderful positivity Sparky, look forward to sharing your journey with you, I am on 11 days for the umpteenth time :D


Welcome back Sparky and a big well done from me on your 10 days so far :D

I don't remember you from last time so I must have joined the forum since. It's very nice to meet you and I will look forward to hearing your story. :)


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