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Quite normal but focused

Well although time is passing by, I'm still quit and focused, and I do need to be on my guard, but I believe that in the bigger picture of life I will be a ex smoker ( that's what I want to be). And yes this quit still takes a lot of my time, but smoking has taken 30 years of my time, so what's a year to focus to stay quit?

Doing ok, and what I can say is, although hard not in possible, I am proof that if you stay strong and take life hour by hour , you can quit.

I just need to keep going.

If your new to forum you can quit, or at least try,

For all the long term quitters, it is your posts that help me, THANKYOU :)

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I love your posts and positivity Tracey and you are quite right after 30 years of chuffing what's 6 months or so of misery if at the end of it we are all happy ex smokers :)


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