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5 months done....omg!

Hey folks Just a little check in to say i have done 5 months and i guess i am into my 6th month! jeez i never ever thought i would be totally happy non smoker! the thought of having one is just not an option, i dont even want one! What ever they did for me before i have with me 247 now. My body and mind are at peace and i no longer crave poisen. I have not had a craving in months its beautiful!!!

All those in the earlier days...keep going you will not regret it :D xxx

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Great post.

Soooooooo happy for you:):):)

And congrats, hard work I'm sure, but you've done it:):)

Keep gong my lovely :)


Brilliant. I am so pleased for you and cannot wait until I am at this stage and am able to right a similar status. Very well done.


A couple of months behind you but I know where you're coming from.:D

Well done and nice post!


Well done Nikki fantastic achievement. :)


Really is great to see you doing so well Nikki!

Really pleased you've cracked it! Well done!


Congratulations Nikki, 5 months is fantastic.

Well done.

Thanks for leading the way for me and others not so far into the journey. :D


Lovely to see you Nikki and SO pleased for you. I hope you are suitably proud of what you have achieved as I know it hasn't been an easy ride.

You're an inspiration to us all. :)


Nikki this is just brilliant! Really well done :) xx


...What ever they did for me before i have with me 247 now...

Newbies take note - this is SO TRUE:D:D

Whatever the feeling of pleasure and calm you think cigarettes give you is complete illusion - the reality is that a cigarette gets you back to the place non-smokers are in in the first place; each cigarette smoked is just filling the void left by the last cigarette.

What a con trick - see it for what it is and stop falling for it:eek::eek:


Nice one Nikki, you're storming towards the penthouse now :D


Well done Nikki_Gargin - you have a lot to feel proud about as getting to your 6th month is a very big reason to celebrate. And as others said, people in the throws of the nasty few weeks at the beginning to to see you as a role model. But even yourself, go and have a read of some of your own earlier posts and the struggle you had. Its oh so easy to be complacent and let all that in the past with the habit, but I reckon the key to a long lasting quit is never forgetting those difficult times and the battle it was to resist temptation and give in - always putting the quit on the long finger - something we would do 'when the time was right'. There is no 'right time to quit'. And sadly for many, the end result of that is family members crying around our coffin, or a tomb stone with our names on them and a solitary bell bonging in the silence. Quitting 'when the time is right' is highly appropriate then eh?

But well done you. Excellent achievement and keep up the good intentions and never once let your guard down. See it as one slip and its the snake on the top row of the snakes and ladders checker board - could land you right back at square one and all the 'happy' goes right out the window then - as all long term quitters know. :)


Hey thank you all so much for your lovely posts :) I think I will post 'my story' as a few people have found it quite useful in spurring them on with their quits, which I think makes the struggle so much more worth it :D

Yeah the nicotine trap is unreal. I looked inside a packet of fags earlier (mum still smokes like a chimney) and i picked one out and I felt nothing. It was nothing more than a piece of paper filled with bark as far as i was concerned BUT the nature of addiction means that if i light it up, it will become a precious entity once again all in the space of 10 seconds. So i placed it back in the packet, closed the draw and forgot about it.

Yes max you can take a lil credit ha ha ;) x


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