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DAY 15 - 2 weeks!

I made it to two weeks! I believe this means that I'm 50% more likely to quit but I'm definitely 100% going to. My partner has too, I'm so proud of him.

I'm really smug because I felt like I've proven to all the people that doubted me that I can do it, lots of people said I'd crack way before today.

Treated myself to a smart pair of new running shoes, now I can breathe better I'm going to do that 10k next.

I'm feeling amazing this morning! I hope everyone's quit is going well, I owe my success in some part to this forum for sure.

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well done Kirstie. I can feel your smugness bouncing off the screen.:D:D:D

Great post that made me smile.


What a lovely post Kirste and yes u will do PMA. Well done to the OH and look foward to u running in the London Marathon next year x

You never know you might see me on the telly at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics hahaha.


A lovely happy post Kirstie :) brilliant! and well done on your 2 weeks ;) ;) x


Pleased for you both.

I don't want to sound like the voice of doom but have you given thought to how you will press on if your partner did cave.

Good luck on the running front :)

I'd be very disappointed if he did cave, and it would affect the likelihood of me quitting, however, I'd like to think that I could carry on. He would never smoke in front of me or anything but it would be demoralising.

On the other hand I think he's 10x more determined than I, plus he only has a year of smoking habit to beat whereas I've had 7.

Hopefully it won't come to that though!

And thanks everyone else your encouragement means so much!


Don't worry karri I don't think anything could today. Plus you've strengthened our resolve because if one of us smokes we're probably going to ruin the other's quit and we'd feel twice as guilty ;)


That's what we're all here for (:


Well done Kirstie that's the worst of it over and now you know you can do it:D

Fantastic news you really are BOTH going to have loads of money and feel so much better big hugs to you two.



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