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Not for everyone but

The website Futurelearn have a whole load of open access, free, online courses available to study from universities all around the country. Free to register and might enhance or start a hobby :) I decided I am going to be stretching my little grey cells now they have an increased blood flow reaching them :D Some of the courses might be of interest to other members and pass a few hours when in need of distraction.

(I've signed up for a course on moons of the solar system - which will be very handy when I finally earn my telescope :) )


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They do have a course on Chemistry in your own Kitchen Debs - you might learn how to grow your own Alien :D


Cheers for that. Very interesting site.


Futurelearn is such a good place to be.

I did the Richard III course which was one of the first to begin the project last November.

Very well organised, interesting and informative and no pressure. Also completely free !

Wonderful project, more courses coming online all the time - I thoroughly recommend it.


This time next year you might be calling me Doctor Karri :D

We'll call you Dr Karri now if you like. :)

Seriously, I think you should go for it. :D


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