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... and so Day 2 begins

Morning guys and gals!

I want to thank you all so much for helping me get through Day One. I was overwhelmed with the responses, and can't believe how lovely everyone has been.

Last night was OK, a bit of a struggle. I find myself very bored, very often, and for split seconds almost forget that i've even quit. Those feelings are the worst as at the moment I cannot find anything that can replicate the feeling of smoking. Anyway, I cracked it, and now on Day Two.

I won't lie, as soon as I woke up I needed a cigarette, it was the first thing that I thought about, I ended up sleeping for another hour and then made my way to work. I'm coughing a lot at the moment, it seems to be getting worse since I've quit. I hope this is a good sign.

Tonight, I am out for a friends birthday. There will be drink! I am extremely nervous, how do I do this?

Thanks again for all your tips! I love you all!:o

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Hi Adds,

Many congratulations on getting the first day done and dusted. You're doing really, really well :D

The cough is very normal. It's a combination of your lungs de-gunking (:)) and the little hairs (cylla?) that line your lungs to filter out impurities growing back (they die off when you smoke). Drink plenty of ice-cold water as it really helps. It should wear off in time (it varies from person to person how long it lasts- some people avoid the cough altogether but I certainly had it.)

Re the evening out, I found the only way I could manage events like that early in my quit was to go on the wagon, but it does vary. Alcohol can be a real trigger point though, so forewarned is forearmed. I think you've quit CT haven't you? All I would say is that it might be worth you carrying some nicotine replacement therapy with you for emergencies (rather that than lose your quit). Lozenges or spray, for example, so that you can get a fairly quick hit if you need to.

Anyway, onwards and upwards and loads of positive wishes from me for your Day Two. :)


Adders, well done on this great decision to quit and day one done and dusted,..

Our journey,s are all very different, but great people on here, as we all have the same goal in mind.

Hope all goes well this evening, and I agree, alcohol is a trigger point for many, I did stay clear of this in my first week, and am sure it helped.

Well done:)


YAY!! You got through the first day!!

That's a fab start :D

About the drinking, um make sure you don't drink too much - alcohol can be a big trigger (I avoided going out drinking for a bit because i was worried about caving) so you're right to be wary :)

Make sure your friends know you quit and stick with the non-smokers as much as possible!!


i've messed up. I've had one, and the worrying thing is I don't even feel guilty. It's the buzz that nothing else has been able to give me. I'm never gonna kick this habit, am I! :mad:


Yes you will..

Disappointing though it is to have had one......soon you will want to stop again.

When that day comes go back to day 1 and start again:)


i've messed up. I've had one, and the worrying thing is I don't even feel guilty. It's the buzz that nothing else has been able to give me. I'm never gonna kick this habit, am I! :mad:

Its not about feeling guilty but if you really dont feel disapointed that you have had a fag, maybe its not the right time for you and you need to have a rethink and quit at a later date, planning and preperation is key to quitting but ultimately you have to really WANT to do it, good luck and enjoy your night out xx


Karri has hit the nail on the head with her post I think.

Get tonight out of the way, rethink, regroup, set a new date and go for it. Remember that no failed quit is a bust as you learn things from it that make it all the more likely the next quit will succeed.

One thing I would say is that going CT is not for everyone. Personally, I know I wouldn't have made it through that first month without NRT. Don't feel that you're a failure or that somehow it is cheating to use a crutch for a while.

If you have a local NHS smoking cessation clinic/drop in booth or your surgery/local chemist runs a stop smoking service it might be worth having a chat with them.

Anyway, don't be a stranger will you? I shall look forward to your new Day One post very soon. :)


I have to agree with Karri, I remember that I was going to quit tomorrow every day for 10 months!:o I was wearing patches and smoking at least five a day whilst trying to convince everyone I was trying really hard. I did want to quit but the weed had a stronger grip on me than me on it. You will find your quit, whether it be the CT, NRT, Champix or E-Cig route you take. It might help if you read up on the addiction, understanding the monster gives you a greater chance of beating it. Chin up and stop being so hard on yourself ;)


I know how you feel. When i have tried to quit and failed in the past i actually convince myself that i cannot enjoy a night out if i am not smoking so just give up and buy a packet. This is absolute rubbish and all in my mind.

Don't stop trying to give up

Good Luck:)


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