No Smoking Day
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Happy No Smoking Day!

Just wanted to pop in and encourage everyone that it can be done! This is my third No Smoking Day - smokefree. Honestly, if I can do it so can you.....a cliche but true (my friends would each have bets on how long each of my quits would last)! Well all bets are off now and they all lost their dosh. Keep at it and if you fail then try, try and try again. You can get there with patience, steely determination, belief in yourself and being kind to yourself sometimes. Love to all.

Lisa xxxx

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This is awesome, so many long term quitters dropping by to say it's all worth it, thanks Lisa this is just the sort of positivity we need xxxx


Just lovely to be reading positive posts from long term quitters, it really helps, but while we can never ever catch you up, we are in your shadow and following in your foot steps.

Great read, so thanks for posting:)


Keep doing it Lisa :D


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