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No Smoking Day
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18 Months Done

Well that's a whole year and a half without smoking completed. The longest period of my life since I was 10, without a cigarette - and I'm no spring chicken!

Still get a few triggers from time to time but cravings or urges now consigned to ancient history.

Keep at it folks and all the best!

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Way to go

reaching milestones are brilliant

so proud of you hun



Congratulations - You are an inspiration. It's hard to believe that kid as young as ten used to smoke, but I remember getting a good hiding off my nan for pinching her fag out of the ashtray when I was about 5 :( We just copied I think) - Anyway, spring chickens are highly overrated ;)


Way to go Esso that's great to hear :)


I bet it is such a fantastic feeling knowing that you're now into territory you've not been in since you were ten years old coupled with knowing that you've got this cracked.

Congratulations and enjoy your second of many smoke free Christmas Days :D


Brilliant Esso....well done! I find your post so encouraging as I also smoked for 41 years....so thanks a lot for posting, you have confirmed that it can be done, however long we were hooked for! :)




You and me both Esso, started at 11 smoked for 40 years! So pleased for you and it couldn't have come round for a nicer person.xxx:)


Many thanks all you beautiful people!

Love you all!

*I may, just may have had a drink tonight*


Well done 18 months is awesome.

Even 5 and half years on I get the odd reminder that I once smoked I wouldn't call them triggers or cravings or even wants now, just memories.


Well done Esso (sorry for delay, don't come on much these days).

Feels good, doesn't it :) Not long till 2 years ...

BW, Shazza :D


Sorry I missed this post Esso. Sending you massive congratulations on your 18 month milestone. x


18 months is HUGE! Congratulations on a spectacular achievement! :)


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