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Yipeee month 3

Just checking in folks....feeling really excited checking into month 3....

still getting that something's missing feeling but keep pushing it to one side...

Not getting the physical cravings any more just the thoughts or the silly voices in my head.

Still on patches but intend to finish the course.

I have not smoked 1397 fags and have saved £391, the money I have saved is in a plastic box and I keep having a crafty look at it cant believe it would have all gone up in smoke!!! the hell do we afford to feed the addiction its crazy...I never want to smoke ever again!!!

Just need to get the weight off now lol have lost 2 1/2lb at slimming world not a lot but at least its coming off.

Keep up the good work all of you love Toyah..xx

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Thanks Max always there with words of encouragement, you're a star..xx


Yeah yeah yeah!

Doing great Toyah! Logged in to make sure you weren't slinking off haha. Keep up the easy breathing and rock this quit!

In you corner,



Lol...bless ya Viking always looking out for me...still hare still going strong..xx


Wow month 3! Well done Toyah :D I shall be joining you soon (excited much!)

Its a great feeling isn't it when you count the money and the time that goes by, ive not managed to save, I keep spending it! lol :)


Thanks magicmom...not long behind me well done you!!....dont blame you spend the money and enjoy...I sometimes struggle to put the money up but never struggled buying a pack of fags...weird isn't it..xx


That's is so true!!! I always found the money to have my ciggies....used to panic a little if I couldn't get to a bank to make sure I had enough for ciggies! Madness lol

Its the first Ive really spent on me though, ive spoilt my daughter for Christmas this year, she deserves it on the whole cos she is perfectly wonderful (and very cheeky and naughty) but because she has been a strength I didnt expect in my quit! At 6, she was saying things like "you can do it mommy, ill help you" and "you don't want that cigarette mommy, you don't actually need it" and my favorite one is "you not allowed to think of cigarettes because you might want one so we shall do/talk about something else" which is normally toys, school or baking!! lol


:cool: Don't know why I missed this one, but massive well done to you Toyah ;)


Hi there thanks everyone magicmom your daughter sounds wonderful bless her..thanks karri and jennings well done to you too..thanks jenny slimming world not going well put half a pound on lol but at least im eating better...xx


Well done Toyah, you are right to be proud you are doing great!:) By the way that has gone quickly don't you think?


Hi Haze thank you...yes in one way the time has gone quickly, but then in others it has dragged wanna be in the penthouse lol...xx


Month 3, Toyah....that's brilliant. Well done! :) It is a long old haul to the Penthouse isn't it! A year is quite a long time, but aiming for the Penthouse is another weapon in our armoury to fight off the fags.......and how proud will we all be when we get there, eh? :D What a feeling it will be!




Thanks max and noggin....yes max i see what you are saying about the penthouse could be any amount of time, but its that magical year I want to hit and as you say noggin for us newly quit it seems a long haul.

I really dont know what's been up with me this week feeling really proud of my quit but been having really bad cravings/thoughts that I could murder a fag :(


Well done Toyah! Im back on sw too.

Keep going, and KTF!




Ive decided Month 2 is full of too many stressed out quitters for my liking. so im fast tracking my 7 weeks to 8 and saying im into month 3 already. :)

Lol do what you want its your quit welcome to the quite room...xx


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