No Smoking Day
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Done 1 week

Well I manage 1 week :D:eek:. Cravings about the same but I must admit that today I have total missed the part of going outside to have my ciggy :confused: maybe it was because I have been inside most of the week and I am just missing being outside. (normally potting about in the garden any chance I get).

Decided to start stripping the hallway and stairs (moved into a new house in July), but as I started to get through the layers of paper and paint (think the family in before us just put paper on top of paper):mad: found that the walls were coming of with the paper :eek:.

So I have had to ring the housing association about it and they have told me to strip all the walls and they will send a surveyor out to work out what to do.:confused: New walls would be nice:rolleyes:. Cravings weren't to bad thru this but I have realized that before I would have been puffing away like crazy, saying that I need a ciggy so I can get thru:eek: Well now I know that it would not have made a bit of difference, other than emptied more money out of my purse. So needing a ciggy to help me, calm me, relax me, was just in my mind:mad:

Hope everyone is winning :)

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Now that is good Debby :)

You're getting the idea that smoking doesn't help anything which is right, it doesn't!!

Well done on your first smoke free week :D


1 week is amazing Debby, well done :)

I can relate to what you mean about missing it today, I felt a bit like that, not missing the fag but the act of how much I fitted it into my day at the weekend, make breakfast have a cig, play with CJ, make another cuppa have a cig. Sort washing, have a cig, get ready to go shopping then have a cig, stressed out during shopping as I just wanted to get home to have a cig!

I'm surprised by how much more time there is in the day when your a non smoker, gosh I must have spent an awful amount of time at that back door!

Onwards and upwards :)


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