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A HUGE thank you and YOU CAN DO IT!

Hola everybody peeps!

I hope you and yours are all fine and dandy and you are still sticking it to your quit!

Well, 12 months ago, to the very day, I never thought for a single second that I would be writing a post like this.

My blood pressure was creeping up and I was beginning to become overweight so in July 2012 I started cycling and was really starting to enjoy it but was horrified as to how unfit I had become.

I mean 2 miles and I was gasping for breath, lightheaded, feeling sick and wobbly legged.

I knew I wanted to carry on and get better so I slowly came to the unfortunate (or so I thought at the time …. little did I know!) conclusion that the smokes had to go!

I would go on a ride for say 10 miles and come back physically knackered but mentally elated as the endorphins kicked in!

So what would I do to celebrate my achievement…..go in the garden and have a smoke!

What a ******* idiot!

Well one day (16th of October to be precise) in work at about 1.30PM I put a cigarette out half smoked.

The thought of not smoking again …. ever ….. frightened the living daylights out of me but to be honest this was not at the forefront of my mind.

The only thing I thought to myself at that time was “I’m going to go out on the bike tonight…tell you what….I won’t have another smoke until after I get back”

(I would normally have had about another 8 before going home!)

I went out that night and pushed as hard as I could. So hard in fact that when I got back the last thing on my mind was to go outside and smoke!

This was the start of my journey….as a trainee a non-smoker.

The following months were “a little strange” to say the least and sometimes quite emotional….both up and down.

Whilst reading my way through what felt like the whole of the internet, trying to educate myself about not smoking, I fell upon this site.

It was warm and welcoming and the advice and support offered to me in the beginning was immeasurable.

During my first wobbly months setting out on the rocky road I felt the friendly outreached arms from so many on here.

I know I shouldn’t make a list as there is always a risk that I could miss someone but I would like to say a massive heartfelt thank you to:

My better half :), Molly, Kazzy, Biggrin, Sian (hope she’s doing OK), Dippy Egg, Lostie, MrsM, Sassymomma (hope she’s doing OK too!), Cymro, Nutmeg & May.

I have been lucky to receive their support and sometimes a slap and am so glad they were around for me and each other at the time.

I would have to say that I am not “fully recovered” yet but I really cannot complain can I?

I smoked for 25+ years without giving it a second thought.

Apart from those first drags where I felt sick as a parrot and dizzy as a top and struggled to “look cool” the rest of it has been a doddle!

I learnt how to smoke so well that I could even do it with my eyes shut! Haha

Now I’m on my lifelong practice at not smoking and so far ….. it’s going brilliantly! :D

I humbly apologise if I have missed anybody moving into the Penthouse since I was last here.

I believe I have a very addictive personality and found myself becoming addicted to this forum and really needed a break.

Now I’m in the Penthouse I’ll hunt you down and shake your hand in person :)

Massive congratulations to you.

If you have just set out on the well trodden path to Quitsville or you are just thinking about it don’t worry … you CAN do it.

There will always be someone here to help show you the way if you get lost.

There will always be someone slightly behind you to kick you up the butt if you think about turning round.

I believe this site works wonders and people flow through it like waves.

Holding on to each other in the rough times, smiling and laughing in the good.

I am working myself back in to life now, a new life without smoking.

It’s certainly different

It’s certainly a challenge

But most of all….


I’ll hand over to The small Faces to sum it up in a song as we all search for the other half of the moon! (that’ll make sense if you know the album :))

Take care and HAVE FUN ….


Take it away boys …. 2 …. 3 …. 4 …..

Life is just a bowl of All-Bran

You wake up every morning and it`s there

So live as only you can

It`s all about enjoy it `cos ever since you saw it

There aint no one can take it away.

So life is just a bowl of All-Bran - very true!

What you say has made it very clear

To be sure I`ll live as best as I can

But how can I remember to keep it all together

When half the moon is taken away?

Well, I`ve got the very thing

If you can laugh and sing

Give me those happy days toytown newspaper smiles

Clap twice, lean back, twist for a while

When you`re untogether and feeling out of tune

Sing this special song with me, don`t worry `bout the moon

Looks after itself

Altogether now….

Give me those happy days toytown newspaper smiles

Clap twice, lean back, twist for a while

When you`re untogether and feeling out of tune

Sing this special song with me, don`t worry `bout the moon

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Oh well done Nifty, tha's great :)


What a lovely post!! Well done to you on an amazing achievement!!!! I hope you spoil yourself today,



What a fantastic post! You've been missed round here Greg.

Huge congratulations on reaching the penthouse :D:D

The walking dead onesie, rollerskates and drum kit are in your room, now come and help me spruce up Kazzytee's room, she'll be here in no time and then we'll only have a week to do Lostie's :D

I'll raise a glass to you tonight my friend

Molly x


Well done Nifty. Welcome to the penthouse.



Well done Greg glad to see you've made it.


Brilliant post well done you!!!!!!


Well done on reaching the penthouse Nifty. Great post.

You are quite right, life is wonderful without the evil weed. Let hope everyone on here follows you into the penthouse.


Welcome to the Penthouse Greg, you have been missed.xxxx



Great post!!!! Welcome to the Penthouse my love:). I am so, proud, and so pleased for you, never doubted you for a minute. I miss you:)

I agree with what you said Greg, the nature of the Forum is that when we have the 'L' Plates on it can become very additive, and the support and encouragement is invaluable. However, I have found myself a year later (Woooo Hooooo) not posting as much.

But one thing for sure, there always an abundance of others who follow on in our footsteps where we left off with never ending support, and like ourselves forging friendships, it's lovely so see.

Keeeeepppppp posting Greg.

Fi xxxx


Brilliant :d:d:d


Well done Greg, glad to hear you made it........but where the hell have you been???? :p



I'm going to keep this brief or it'll end up as long as your post!! Only joking, no one but you could write something do epic ;-)

Just want to say massive congratulations fella, never doubted you for a second, and you've shown that you just don't need the fags. The physical achievements with your cycling etc are also inspiring and if you're anything like me, they've kept me motivated. You've been missed around here mate, you are such a huge character but everyone has reasons for posting or not posting, the main thing is you've succeeded and that's what makes me smile!

On a personal note you were there for all the early stressful days/weeks of my quit and helped me through it, offering support or kicking my ****, and for that I thank you and one day will buy you a beer!!

Hope Mrs Nifty is doing good, and I wish you a continued smoke free happy life

Big hugs

Kaz x


Morning Greg, great post and hearty congratulations on one year quit, never doubted this would end up any other way! Missed your support and humour though fella! Well done Nifty!:)


Congrats Nifty on your First Year quit and meeting us all in the penthouse. :-)

Here's to the next and the next :-) Well done x


Ahhhhh.....Nifty. You wonderful,l wonderful, special, special chap. Bin waiting for you. Its mebs too late to de-weed the Lonsdale.....but you and me made it. Weed free and smiling like tickled babies. Lovely post. Very happy to read it. Welcome....and very well done. x :)


Brilliant performance. Many congratulations.


Nifty - you're a star! You are finally in the Penthouse - Fantastic, very, very well done.


Thank you all for you kind words.

They mean a lot :)

And.......I knew I shouldn't have made a list as I knew I would miss people.

How could I have missed Aunty Haze?!?! ... DOH! :o

Sorry Hazel, you were a great inspiration to me when I first quit and I will always be grateful for your help....Thank you

Right......I'm off to the garage for a Ginsters! :D

Take care all




Do not swear in front of Gemma and I! Those......things.......are AWFUL! AND they have the cheek to declare themselves pasties - NO SUCH THING!

They're made from roadkill :p


Are you all sitty comftybold two-square on your botty? Then I'll begin.

Well done Nifty. I dont often post but im an old wave that rolled back in and your post made me chuckle.

I also took to mid life crisis cycling after I gave up smoking and now ride 15 miles to work every day and also posses a nice shiny road bike for "summer rides"

A year is a fantastic achievement, smoking is now something you used to do.

Alltime sometime deept joy of a full moon scintyladen dangly in the heavenly bode;)


High 5

Top man Greg, top post. Well done!


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