Toyah week 2

Morning all, bit late posting in week 2 but got here at last...

really proud of myself..

....1 week 1 day 17 hours and 38 minutes since I have smoked...I have not smoked 218 fags and have saved £61.15 according to my app..

Didnt sleep very well last night and had a smoking dream when I did, my concentration levels are low and this cough is really getting me down, but so what!!! its all worth it and I intend to make the Penthouse this time so shift over you lot..

Thank you all for your continued support helped me a lot getting through week one...xxxxx

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  • Good on you Toyah, sounds good at the moment for you ;)

  • Congratulations Toyah, one week down and you've every right to feel proud of yourself. The cough and sleeping will improve and before you know it you'll be counting the months, not the days whilst feeling fabulous dahling :D

  • thanks angrybear and jenninegs feeling good although still got the cravings...jenninegs must be really exciting to be counting the months cant wait!!

  • Glad to hear from you Toyah. I was starting to worry when I didn't see an update and very nearly started one for you this morning in the hopes you would reply. Well done on getting into week 2!!!

  • Hi Mark thanks for your concern yeah im still here just got stuck in day 7 lol...xx

  • Thanks Max...well I can walk that tightrope in one of my 2 new pairs of shoes and dress that I could afford now I've a bit more money in my purse overspent a bit but what the heck happy days....needed occupying whilst my mouth thawed out from the dentist lol..xx

  • You go girl, nowt wrong with a few girlie treats to boost morale and you deserve a treat :D

  • Thanks jenninegs... after my splurge today I am saving my fag money up for a dress watch I have seen, one of those big gold bling ones that are in fashion at the moment the one I have seen is £200 so ' watch' this space cause I am having it!!!...then will save the money towards a new

  • Isn't it great, I've had the hair do and lots of new clothes, I'm now saving for a holiday in Canada, then I want to completely redecorate our place - no such thing as half measures now. I'm sure you'll think of something else once you have the watch and the car as I've found I love having a few more pennies to spend on me :p

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