No Smoking Day
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Day 31 - turned into a space cadet!

Having a very odd day today - just cant wake up and feel really spaced! Even the 3 cups of coffee haven't cut it today......odd! Probably absolutely nothing to do with not smoking as have been nicotine free now for 10 days but just thought I would throw it out there.

Off to interview someone now - hope they like being stared at as that's all I'm capable of today!

Happy Wednesday peeps!:)

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Wow wow wow

How fantastic that's amazing first month done. Aslong as you don't growl at the in the interview lol well done to you. I have ct envy, on the patch 8weeks Saturday :)


Well done Vicky, that's one month done and dusted. I think we all get days where suddenly the brain decides it would rather be elsewhere and refuses to cooperate with what we want. Caffeine, caffeine and more caffeine I say, then try getting me out of the loo :o


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