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Hello everyone - I am Kicking trying to Kick the Habit



I have been a smoker for nearly 20 years and have finally become tired of it (and very poor!).

So I have decided to stop. i have been free from smoking for around a month now. I did go cold turkey at first but then I switched to an electric cigarette which helps, just to give your hands something to do!

I found that I now only puff it around 2-3 times a day, mainly in the car (old habits!).

I feel so much better for it, as I no longer cough and also smell and taste foods much better now. I don't know why I didn't try sooner.

Anyway I won't try to sound too smug! as I still fancy a proper cig every now and then but I am determined that I will beat it.

Great forum by the way!

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Thanks Debbie!

I weened myself off of the cigs with an electric cigarette and found that I only take a puff now purely out of habit (something to do with my hands!)

Not sure if I am allowed to post this here, but I bought it from these guys based in Essex in the UK:


Hi Minty

Well done sounds like it's going very well!

Thanks Ackers,

I decided that enough was enough after spending another night coughing and wheezing.

The last straw came when it was raining and I ran to the shop to get out of the rain and couldn't catch my breath; I was about to spend another £15 on a packet of tobacco and the thought of 'why am I doing this?' suddenly popped into my head.

I think after a while popping to the shop for cigarettes and a newspaper etc becomes second nature but it really isn't, and it shouldn't (have you seen some of the rubbish they print in the papers now!)

The electric cigarette helps a lot for the cravings as you can get liquids with different amounts of nicotine in it, depending upon how much you used to smoke (I am on zero now though). But I am even getting off this now. I have saved around £240 already, not including the £13 for the electric cigarette.

The downside is that I can now smell Pork pies for what they really are and can't bear them (I used to love them...).

I hope this information is of any use to someone.....I do tend to ramble!

Wow that's great I quit 13 days ago and I am using an e-cig have had it for months actually but just decided enough was enough, I am about to start a new job and wanted to 'reinvent' myself especially as a non smoker! I have saved about £200 in the last two weeks just not smoking (except for the £10 on e-cig) it's madness isn't it when you think about how much money we have subjected to flames quite literally! I am struggling a bit and have the odd time when I really really want to smoke but so far so good. I do hope these feeling ease though.

Thanks Max,

It's great to talk to like minded people.

And Ackers, you will be fine, just think how stupid we were running to the shops to by dried up leaves! which cost around £8.00 a packet.......

They contained no benefits whatsoever, they had no protein, fats, calories. But they made us cough and wheeze and restrict our airways and were slowly making us turn manky. I wheezed so much that i used to sound like a dirty old man on the phone (it wasn't intentional believe me!).

I understand that its not all about the financial aspect but I think that says it all really....And amongst other things, the stench of smoke has started to go now and I never have to worry about cigarette burns again.


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