No Smoking Day
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My day 2 & 3

Well my 2nd day yesterday as a non smoker, I found day two really easy. No major cravings and no mood swings so all was good.

Day 3 today got up went to gym,i was amazed at how much better I could breathe and not out of puff if you like, this made am over the moon. Came home got ready for work and it was like I hit a brick wall, never felt this tired? I was a little irritable at work, but my first call was to see a contractor which was a 45 min drive, found I was thinking about smoking as I would normally have one, but not craving it just thinking I would normally have a fag now while driving. But it passed, and once dinner time came I was no longer tired and not as irritable either. Mind I have to say it gets on my wick when people say you should do this and that, when they have never smoked a tab in their life! But that's my twist lol, excited for day 4.

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